Talk Proposal: CSS, you’re the one ❤️

This is my first talk proposal I started to send to conferences earlier last year.

As I see most of the topics I wanted to discuss covered by the community today I feel like this talk is deprecated so why not just make the proposal transparent.

Even it hasn’t been approved once I’m pretty happy about the structure.

With CSS you’re able to create a quick prototype in a sandbox, to scare developers with an ‘always global’-namespace and with methodologies you’re capable to write maintainable enterprise stylesheets.

In this philosophical talk you will learn about a mindset that was shaped by working on a codebase with a lot of people. You will learn that there is neither good nor bad CSS; the hard part is writing it in a way, that embraces collaboration and that thinking about the implementation is important from the earliest stages in the design process.

The Human that visits your website doesn’t give a damn about your wireframes, mock ups, sketch files or high fidelity photoshop comps. There is only one piece of technology that brings your work to his browser: And that’s CSS. Let’s treat it accordingly.

If you have experience with proposals, let me know what you’ve done differently.

Thanks for helping: Ole, Tina, Dan and Markus. You are awesome ❤

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