A proposal to re-prioritize your tasks

Highly accurate visualisation of productivity curves

To get everyone on the same page:

Cross browser testing refers to the act of testing a page on multiple platforms and browsers. (IOS/Safari, Android/Chrome, Android/Samsung, Windows/IE11, Windows/Edge, etc…)

It’s performed to make sure the website performs as designed regardless how you access is.

Accessibility refers to a quality that makes an experience open to all (Yes I’ve stolen this from )

When building for accessibility you to start in the design process and continue in implementation to build something that can be experienced regardless of your circumstances.

Why cross browser testing exists

And maybe you’re already knowing where I’m going with this.

The short story…

Experienced Chaos

I’ve been working with systematic design approaches for 5 years now. This is a short and rough summary of the different paths I’ve been experienced so far.

All of these are based on the statement: “I want to work with reusable components”.

The Agile Path

  1. I start with HTML & CSS.
  2. I’ll add javascript for interactive behaviour.
  3. I’ll add a javascript framework for routing, state & database connection
  4. I refactor the existing HTML, CSS & javascript into the framework
  5. I plan to add pages with a similar design
  6. I refactor existing design patterns into reusable components
  7. I build pages with a similar design

Rocamadour France (01/2018)

You might say: But Lasse, I can take out my phone, point it to the next mirror, slap that trigger and I’m done. Why do you event want to write about it?

That may certainly be true and sometimes it’s perfectly fine for the situation, However sometimes taking a photo can be a complex process that takes hours. In this philosophical article I like to guide you through some steps and thoughts I collected in the last 10 months of taking pictures. …

This is my first talk proposal I started to send to conferences earlier last year.

As I see most of the topics I wanted to discuss covered by the community today I feel like this talk is deprecated so why not just make the proposal transparent.

Even it hasn’t been approved once I’m pretty happy about the structure.

With CSS you’re able to create a quick prototype in a sandbox, to scare developers with an ‘always global’-namespace and with methodologies you’re capable to write maintainable enterprise stylesheets.

In this philosophical talk you will learn about a mindset that was shaped…

I’ve been working in agile environments for 6 years now. Working in an agile manner as been proven to be a huge booster in team productivity. So I decided to share the lessons I learned along the way.

Its always done and its never done.

A core factor of the agile mindset is iteration. Whatever is in the master branch (or whatever your production branch is called) is done. What you do afterwards is creating tasks for additional features or bugfixes.

You always take the current situation into consideration and how to improve it or repair the designed product. The mission of the stakeholder (it might be…

Men should not write articles about how women should behave.

Thanks for reading ❤

Lately I’m starting to . When talking about that topic with people I see myself repeating some personal learnings. I’d love to share them.

We can’t change it now

Like so many other things, we have to accept that we can’t change the past. Encountering something that is excluding people is normal right now, but the way we deal with this fact, will determine it’s condition tomorrow. We should never blame ourselves or anyone for the current situation but rather provide forward thinking suggestions and ideas to fix it in the future.

It’s not a feature, it’s a requirement

In digital product development a feature describes a functionality that can be…

I have been at an accessibility meetup in Amsterdam and I like to write down what I took away from that.

Eva W during her talk, her slide in the background saying “Ask stupid questions”. In the foreground, her translator and Michiel B in his dinosaur onesie in the background.

So I was at the cssday conference and a day later I visited the role=drinks meetup I never heard of before. I was completely amazed. Luckily I had a co-worker with me and we agreed on doing this. I got to say I’m not super comfortable with spontaneous decisions to go to a place I don’t know where are a lot of people I don’t know, but I think I get better at it.

The meetup was structured in lightning talks which are just talks that are 5 to 10 minutes long.

So there was who works on an…

Yesterday evening I spontaneously decided to do on the first day of the cssday.nl conference. As there has been some good feedback I decided to do the same for the second day as well.

CSS for Engineers and Devs

Harry starts the day and tells us about Grace Hopper who invented the “first real programming language . He than proceeds with a list of principles that have been developed over all the years and how we can use them in css.

DRY/Single source of truth

if you use a special amount of px as a grid, put it in a variable!

Dry is not about avoiding repetition, Dry is about avoiding repetition in source

repetition is better than the wrong abstract

As it became super detailed I’ll just drop the list of principles here.

  • Single responsibility principle
  • The Seperation of Concerns
  • Cyclomatic complexity

So I’m in Amsterdam to attend the conf. I won’t focus on the awesome crew and organisators here but like to share a few of my thoughts about the contents of the presentation.

on the way to the venue

Jeremy Keith started the conference with a blasting history lesson about the <a> tag. What was crucial for me in that talk was the following statement:

Data has to be turned into information and information has to be turned into knowledge.

And this can only happen when we connect the data and that can only happen using links. Further he talked about the TCP/IP protocol and that it was designed to be “dumb”. But that “dumbness” was so powerful that it actually allowed people to create more complex and powerful things on top of it like email, ftp or even…

Lasse Diercks

I’m a 1989 born generalist that makes a living by being a freelance UI-Engineer.

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