Weekly Programming Challenge #5
Jamis Buck

What a great challenge. This took me to some unexplored data structures and algorithms.

My solution is in Elixir, and I solved the normal mode using a functional approach the the binary heap tree, as opposed to the in-place array swaps which seems to be the most common implementation. The functional approach is a lot more heavy-weight since it stores the subtree height and subtree size for each node, but it still runs in O(log n).

I also implemented a Huffman coder, which was surprisingly easy with the priority queue in place (and after understanding the algorithm). It was great fun to see how much I could tweak compression on large files while including the Huffman tree inside the encoded result.

My priority queue has a configurable comparison function and accepts any data types, so all in all I guess I earned 5 points :)

Solution here: https://github.com/lasseebert/jamis_challenge/tree/master/005_heap

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