Lead by example: a bit of programming skills might expand your area of responsibility and your qualifications as a manager.

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Ever since I was first introduced to the academic fields of interaction design and UX design I have been pushed towards learning more about programming, than were initially in my career plans. I signed up for a bachelor in IT-Product Design. Somewhat naively I thought I could stay isolated in the more design focused parts of the education.

As a design student on a faculty of computer science I was introduced to UX and digital design in an environment where the highest rated competency was programming. No one at a CS faculty really thinks you can get a job, much less a career without knowing at least one programming language. …


Lasse Kruse Larsen

Danish Product Designer in London. Typography & Prototyping. Love Figma, XD, Axure and JS. www.lassekruse.dk

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