History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

2 things I feel that this essay is about one, US is already great because statistics show it, also he argues about that people should challenge things more, well if u challenge those statistics USA is not great anymore.

So by it’s own argument it fails already there.

Also Russia has a GDP of Spain and as the essay states the sanctions imposed on Russia have devastated it’s economy. Exactly Russias economy is useless it is no threat what so ever. It has a declining population as well, and if u know how most Russians are they would not be able to fight a real war, yes some special troops like in the Cremea but that is all that Russia has. To occupy and hold a large country without the support of the local population Russia can’t do. I think it’s good Trump is an isolanist it menas less war not more war, u have it backwards. Just look on all the wars US have started lately a never ending spiral Trump says he wants to end that.

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