Why do I need to become a Reflective Practitioner?

Source: http://www.managersdigest.co.uk/2015/12/09/make-time-for-some-self-reflection/

A reflective practitioner is someone who is constantly looking back on their work and evaluating it to try and improve their work. This is important as it helps you as a person to see where you are making mistakes and where there is room for improvement in your work.

There are many tools to help the reflective practitioner, some of these are reflective journals, reading response journals, interactive journals, self-assessments, etc. (“Tools for reflective practice,” n.d.)

An example where I need to be a reflective practitioner is for the pitch for assessment 1. We received feedback on all pitches and on my own I had to think about where and when the feedback would have applied to my group. Afterwards we were given questions to reflect on and here are some of my answers.

The strategies my group used?

We tried to think about our childhood and what we enjoyed as kids, we didn’t really get the chance to ask kids this age group what they like, as none of us have younger siblings. We also tried to think of something that would be effective now for the children’s education now, and something that would keep them interested.

The strategies Jake used to solve the problem?

On the other hand, Jake thought outside the box a lot more. He thought of something that would be dynamic enough that every person’s experience would be different. Also thought about what’s already out there that’s cool including video games, cell phone games. Making sure that there is content in the app but still some fun, something that can’t be learnt face to face.

All of these strategies could have been used to help us enhance our thought process on making this product. Now knowing this I can work better and harder on the next part of this assignment, while using the feedback I received on the pitch, being a good reflective thinker.

It is important for not only me but everyone to become reflective practitioner’s as it helps us enhance our work and strive to be our best selves.


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