My Story

Photo by John Jason on Unsplash

I’ve been doing countless number of things when it comes to creating unique content and the one thing that stands out the most for me, is Writing. I always love to create a world where people could understand and/or relate to. People they could feel or Stories I can have people say “Wow, sounds like a situation I’ve been through before, I can relate!” I’ve created this story that was about 500 page long and I don’t know if they’re any writers out there that did the same but… I left this story in the dust for about 6 years. Literally didn’t touch it because well, I guess I got so unmotivated to the point that I actually forgot about it. Well, I recently dug up my cloud drive over at Onedrive. (I love cloud drives, they are a life saver when your hard drive expires.) And found my old story and said to myself, “geez, this isn’t so bad. Why did I stop?!” So I reviewed it and decided to change a lot of things from it because I wasn’t satisfied with it. I feel like I got a lot more smarter than I was 6 years ago. So with that, I wanted this story to really give an impact to the audience. I’m motivated to finish it this time and publish it one day. I also want to create clips or act out some of the parts in a video. I want to share a piece of this work here soon after I perfect a few things here and there just to see some reactions and some opinions. I’m 33 years old and have always been the type to have my name out there, to entertain and be a part of something. I guess it’s pretty much a goal of mine, to share my biggest work. Share it to not only a few people but many, so that when my final days arrive, I can say I’ve reached my goals. It’s a shame that many people like me that are out there, do so much work and were credited very little for it. I don’t want to be one of those people. I’ve been broadcasting on for 4 years and seen very little difference in terms of results, it only fuels me more to try harder, or take a different path with the same goal. But recently, I’ve been thinking, how long am I going to last? Am I stuck in a never ending loop? I’m sure many people can relate when it comes to any work they do out there and I want to say don’t quit, because these are the thoughts that will take you there if you keep thinking that way. I completely understand and it’s perfectly fine to think that way once in a while because hey, It’s been a damn long time now and so little results are showing. Sometimes no results at all. I’d be damn if it doesn’t get to you.

This is only my first post and I wanted to make it perfectly clear what my mind was going through. I want to share all of my ideas here as a place to come and review them, reassure myself and remind myself that I have another place to share my thoughts.