Patchlist 03/24/2022

Guild Influence

  • The testing period for the Guild Influence system will be extended for another week. As compensation for the lack of income during the testing phase, guilds with guild zones will receive one Silver Bar (1bi) for each territory they own.
  • Applied a balancing on the amount of Guild Influence obtained when performing guild objectives.
  • Removed Guild Influence drop chance in LAN M.
  • Increased the chance to drop Guild Influence on LAN A.
  • Reminder: Guild Coins obtained during the testing period will be deleted once the testing phase is over and the Guild Shop is available.

Quest Scavenger Hunt

  • Applied a balancing on the cost of the item “Bless Refining+9” at the NPC RubiMaster.
  • It will now also be possible to purchase the “Wisdom Pearl” item at the NPC RubyMaster.


  • The mini-events “PvP Week” and “Evolution Week” have been ended.
  • Reminder: The item “Silicon Coin” will be available on March 25th (you can redeem this item through RaidHut app).




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WYD News - LastStand Guild

WYD News - LastStand Guild

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