Let’s build App Store UI — Games/Apps View

Mar 10 · 2 min read

Introduce QKSliderView

It’s been a while since Apple redesigned App Store in 2017.

The beautifully redesigned App Store is packed with original stories and editorial, updated daily in a new Today tab, as well as new Games and Apps tabs.

I am still learning good UI designs from it today. One of the interesting UI comes to my mind is the slider view under Games/Apps tab.

Unlike the old design with full screen width slider, app store reduced the width so that user can see a little bit content of previous and next view, this gives a hit to user that there are content available on previous/next view.

This design literally solved a problem that some user does not know a view can scroll horizontally if a view is full screen width.

However, Apple does not provide any SDK that can generate this UI directly. This is why the QKSliderView comes.


  • Storyboard friendly: user can simple config all parameters in storyboard.
  • Supporting both Objective-C and Swift.
  • Supporting cocoapods.

The Challenge

  • The calculation: as it calculate cell’s frame by given rows, columns, horizontal gap, vertical gap, how much width of previous/next cell do you like to display on the screen.
  • Paging: Since it’s not full width cell, the default pagingEnabled will NOT work. I need to provide logics in some of the UIScrollView delegate functions, by calculating what is the nearest cell should stop after user release finger from dragging.
  • Delegation forwarding: Since I use some UIScrollView delegate functions, it’s not convenient for users who still want to implement the delegate. Here use a delegation forwarding technic to solve this problem.

What Next

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