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Last Horde NFT Game
2 min readDec 15, 2021


For the entire Last Horde team, security and transparency are very important issues, so we have taken a series of measures that offer security to the project and to all the people who trust us.

Recently Last Horde has been audited by Solid Group who in addition to validate the security of our contract have implemented a number of elements that make it much more resistant to bot attacks.

This update in the contract has forced us to re-deploy it, being the definitive address of our token contract the following: 0x95368f2c269F1f3394f21d72662BFB8b00F1A7fD

You can see all the transaction it here

The liquidity of our BNB-HOR pair has been locked for a period of one year at DxSale.

Here is the link

The Last Horde team has locked their tokens for a period of one year in the following DxSale contract and then they will receive 10% of the tokens each month.

Team tokens

In addition to performing several AMAs where some members of our team could be seen, we have also performed several KYCs crediting our identity and giving real support to the project.

Check this AMA (it was fun!)

We know that in the blockchain community it is necessary to have security measures that validate the projects, and we are committed to strive to ensure that Last Horde complies with all the necessary security measures.



Last Horde NFT Game

Last Horde is a fantasy card game based on NFT technology that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) PlayToEarn NFT Card Game - http://t.me/lasthorde