How To Use Astrology To Add More Happiness To Your Life

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We all experience stagnancy in the flow of our emotions from time to time, then suddenly we realise, “Hold on, when was the last time I experienced joy? Or at least felt good? Life is sh*t”. Sound familiar? We are often driven into the highway of life and can’t hit the breaks. We can’t stop to seek happiness so we hope that maybe it’ll catch us eventually, and that we can leave this tiring journey at the next junction. Ok i’ll stop with the driving metaphors.

What i’m trying to say is, when you desperately need break from tiresome, burdening or draining feelings, you need to do something to ignite your heart. I’m going to tell you how you can achieve this, through astrological reasoning.

In astrology, our deepest desires, feelings and needs are represented by the Moon. Traditionally represented by the zodiac Cancer, it is the astrological body that “nurtures” and “feels”. The Moon’s orbital period around planet Earth is 27 days, and there are 12 zodiacal constellations. While the moon is in transit, it spends roughly two and a half days in each constellation (aka zodiac sign), meaning that it changes pretty frequently, so find out what yours is and let me tell you the way to your heart!

This is beginner friendly! You don’t need to know your birth time and all that jazz, all you need is a birth date and place. Let’s go.

Aries symbol by author

Aries Moon: You need to move your body, too much pent up energy is likely to suppress your joy. I’d recommend any type of exercise, running, jumping, cycling, punching something (let’s not get antisocial, though), dancing, dancing badly, dancing badly while singing loud songs at the top of your lungs (too much?). You may also like to go on a drive. Initiate something new in your life, maybe a new project, something that requires bravery or that you’ve held yourself back from doing for a long time. Perhaps start rock-climbing?

Taurus symbol by author

Taurus Moon: Add something into your space that is beautiful to look at, look in a mirror and admire your beautiful self, buy beautiful clothes, spoil yourself, buy lavish items and experiences, change your beauty regime, listen to songs that make you feel good, sing! Personally — I would spend a weekend at a luxury hotel and order room service while listening to jazz music. Eat foods that you love and enjoy. Plant something in your garden, buy a new plant, put roses in your house (if you like them). Reevaluate your values and your self-worth.

Gemini symbol by author

Gemini Moon: Do you enjoy documentaries? watch some! Better yet I’d recommend diving deep into Wikipedia for an hour or two and researching a random topic of your choice. Talk to people about your research findings, talk to anyone about anything, talk to your siblings, your neighbours, your friends. Join a forum, join a club, become part of a community. Start a blog? Write something, write in a journal. Be social, get active on social media (be careful what you consume). Do you post TikToks? If not, you should babe you’re hilarious x

Cancer symbol by author

Cancer Moon: Ah, the Mother of emotions. If you need to get something off your chest, cry it out. Spend time with your mother or a nurturer, spend time at home, spend time near bodies of water, go for a swim, have a bath, spend time with people who make you feel cared for, nurture yourself, do a self-care day. I would recommend eating something warm and hearty. Cook yourself the best meal you’ll ever have, and then bake yourself a cake after. Treat yourself as you would a child.

Leo symbol by author

Leo Moon: when do you feel most seen, Leo? Replicate those moments. Wear your best outfits, do up your hair the way you love it, get a new hairdo? Do something nice for someone, do something nice for yourself. Go back in time and do everything you wanted to as a kid. Paint, colour, sing, perform — do something shiny. Get creative! Dance in the sun. Be proud of yourself Leo, you are truly and admirable person, do not have any doubt about that. Your pride makes you shine more ❤ Share your creative talent with the world.

Virgo symbol by author

Virgo Moon: something in your daily routine may be putting you down, reorganise your tasks and responsibilities. Let go of a few of them or find new ones? Do something for your health in the long run, perhaps taking some vitamin supplements, cutting allergens from your diet, starting a new exercise routine, practice yoga, practice meditation. Make a small list of things you need to do and make a longer list of things you want to do, complete those. Offer new innovative ideas in the workplace, offer your services to someone. Remember that there are things that will occur out of your control, and that’s ok. The best way to overcome inconveniences is to stay in the moment and focus on what you can control — your reaction.

Libra symbol by author

Libra Moon: dearest Libra moons, let go of what no longer serves you, reevaluate your boundaries and stand with them — firmly. Are you excusing behaviours and patterns in your life just for the sake of maintaining “peace”? You need to remember that you’re allowed to disrupt this “peace” sometimes for the greater good. Seek justice, give justice. Add more beauty into your life. Beautiful art, beautiful clothes, new jewellery. Dress up all pretty, try out new make-up looks. Drink more water. Try pilates or yoga. Massage or stretch your booty muscles (trust me). Meditation will help you find the balance you seek. Take more initiative in your relationships with others, spend time with people you like, fix relationships. If there’s someone who you’ve fallen out with or are on bad terms, see if you can harmonise and fix the situation.

Scorpio symbol by author

Scorpio Moon: the emotions of Scorpio can run deep, so investigate. Dig deep into a topic, explore all there is to explore (including yourself), find out secrets, keep secrets, hide something about yourself, be mysterious. Research dark topics. Dive into the occult. Practice divination. Tarot, astrology, crystals. Talk to your spirit guides. Find a new hobby that you could potentially become obsessed with. Be intimate with someone, engage in sexual acts, make love with someone, make love with yourself (if you know what I mean, *wink*). Transform something about your life — yourself, your routines, your job, get a piercing? Release yourself, allow regeneration. Be REBORN. Let it go, let it flow. Life is a transaction, you give something — you get something.

Sagittarius symbol by author

Sagittarius Moon: My fellow sag moons, we need liberty. Break free of the chains holding you back, do something freeing — spontaneously go somewhere alone. Fly across the globe, travel to the next town. Travel to new places, travel to old places through new routes. Take a train, bus, tram, bike. Explore new cultures. Watch a documentary. Explore the meaning of life and the meaning of your existence. You are a student of life, learn all that you can. Read a book. Enrol to a new course, watch educational videos, take part in tutorials, educate someone else. Be a tutor. Practice your religion, reevaluate your religious or spiritual beliefs, follow a new practice. Go horseback riding. Go for a short run. Stretch your legs and massage your thigh muscles.

Capricorn symbol by author

Capricorn Moon: the father archetype. Begin with nurturing your inner child, do something you couldn’t in the past. Update your LinkedIn profile if you have one. Look back on all your successes and accomplishments, feel proud of where you are and all your victories. You’re quite the achiever, Capricorn. You have made it through 100% of all your bad days and you’ll make it through all the next. Hard work is something you value, it’s in your karmic destiny to persevere. You deserve to feel on top of the world — go climb a mountain! Seriously, go on a hike or go rock-climbing. Take the lead, or practice authority over something in your life. Take care of your bones and especially knees.

Aquarius symbol by author

Aquarius Moon: you need a rebellion! you, the bringer of liberation and innovation, need to find something to fight for in order to ignite your heart again. Gather a group of likeminded individuals and fight for a cause. Fight for a change you want for yourself or for a community. Take part in activism for humanitarian causes. Be heard, reach out to politicians. Debate with your family and friends. Use the internet to your advantage. Invent something new. Start a trend. The world is not and ideal place but you can help it get there. Seek freedom. Dream big, bring your dreams to life. Write a journal entry of your dreams and hopes. Share your feelings with a group. Relax nerves through meditation.

Pisces symbol by author

Pisces Moon: Take a nap, enter the dream realm. The astral realm. Connect with your higher self through spirituality. Strengthen your spirit. Do shadow work. Uncover the secrets of your subconscious. Rewrite your limiting beliefs. Travel through your subconscious during sleep. Daydream, but try not to get lost in the space between delusion and reality. Keep a dream journal. Write poems. Listen to music you love. Write songs, music. Watch movies. Seek medical help for any troubles you may be having. Is there anything trapping you? Break free from it. Get a foot massage, go to the spa. Drink more water, minimise alcohol consumption and that of other reality-warping substances. Get a lymph draining massage, use gua sha.

Well, there we go. These are a few things that could help you feel a bit more joy in your day-to-day lives. However, if you are experiencing extended periods of sadness, emptiness and depression — please reach out to somebody you can talk to, and seek professional guidance. If not, i’m always ready to offer a listening ear. But of course, I’m no match for a doctor.

Thank you for reading this post, and let me know in the comments if these have been helpful to you!

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my mind and me!

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my mind and me!

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