The Church is in Trouble

Our thinking towards the church, as the church is cloudy. It is co-mingled with too much of our flesh and not enough of the Spirit of the living God we profess to believe. Too much of “us” is in the church and there is hardly any room for God to get glory out of our lives. It’s about me — my ideas, my desires, my feelings, my personal theology that makes me feel good about myself when I should be convicted by the Holy Ghost.

Today’s church is filled with precious memories that have become dated ideas. Maybe the church can’t have an open mind towards everything but we can have an open heart. The world does not have a problem with what we think, for it has formed its opinions about us, which is well within its right. However, the world does have a problem with the way we love and we should examine this. In our efforts to “not love the things of the world” we have forgotten to love the people of the world who we are commissioned to reach.

Our sanctification is less about getting closer to God and more about making a name for ourselves in the kingdom of God. And while we may profess to love the things or the ways of God, our actions towards one another, in conjunction with those who are not like us make us not only heartless but thoughtless people. Even in our approach to service we have become selfish, only desiring to help those who can help us.

Not only do our hearts have to change, our minds and our spirits have to change. It’s one thing to be separated from the world but we cannot be separated from each other and call ourselves the church. It has never been wise to build a house on sinking sand but a house divided amongst itself has never been able to stand. With that we must not only think critically, because the times require it, but more spiritually because it is the nature of our God.

We can no longer take a secular approach to spiritual things. And even in dealing with secular matters, we must do so spiritually. 2016 divided us politically and morally. 2017, if we are not careful, will divide us spiritually. In order to bring unity to the body we must be and think more spiritual and be able to discern properly. The church is in trouble not because of the ways of the world but because of the ways of those who claim to be of the church; to those who name the name of Christ.

I leave with this: It is not the love for the things of the world that will divide the church. It is the secular approach to spiritual things that divides the church more than the world ever could. The church, the bride of Christ, must have Christ and his love for God and mankind at the center of its heart if it plans on having the impact and influence it did in times past.

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