Amazon’s customer service backdoor

There is a customer-service exploit possible with hosting services and the DMCA. I have a VPS at a service who threatened to shut it down if I did not remove allegedly copyrighted material within 24 hours. They did no verification whatsoever and blindly trusted the complainer. In this case the complaint was correct and I complied with the law, but I found it incredible that anyone can come and shut down one of this host’s servers by sending them an e-mail.

Fortunately, I found out that the threats were empty. I was traveling in an area where connectivity was so bad I couldn’t use SSH or HTTP for a couple of days, and they still did not shut my server down. So I didn’t switch services yet, but I was rattled, and for my next host, a lack of customer-service exploits, such as irresponsible DMCA compliance, will be as important a criterion as uptime.