“Weird how [they] never acknowledge how he’s a fascist who outs trans people [and] has fans who shoot people,“ wrote Sarah Nyberg on Twitter, referencing a recent incident in Seattle in which an antifascist protestor was shot by an ardent Yiannopoulos supporter.
Photos: Berkeley Protest Against White-Supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos
Cirrus Wood

Milo Is Dangerous To Your Students’ Health

Further clarification: one of his previous “performances” on campus involved outing a local trans student, who had already dropped out due to harassment.

The UC Berkeley event, more specifically, would have included exposing and outing undocumented students, both on campus and online (via livestreaming), and teaching his audience how to do the same.

This is NOT a situation of “Here is a horrible thing this person did one time, a long time ago, and he’s different now”.

This is a person who is exploiting his position as a “journalist” and pundit to harass private citizens and other human beings. This is “Here is a horrible thing that he did at a previous performance, and here’s another horrible thing that happened at another previous performance, and this is what he’s going to do if you let him perform here.”

It would be one thing if he were merely offensive, or politically provocative, or even if these were private incidents rather than highly publicized ones. This is someone who is ACTIVELY harassing very specific people, and using his position as a bully pulpit to do so, and in the process expects to be paid to tour college campuses while doing it.

Sadly, this is not new behavior. The only difference between his behavior before and his behavior now is that in the time since, somehow we elected a Twitter troll president.

Somehow this event means that we have to take idiots like Milo seriously. Fine. That also means that the consequences for letting his behavior continue to be rewarded will result in serious backlash.