3 patients last shift.

One (1) is a mother on pain meds and strong antibiotics who suggested I look more like a doctor than a nurse. Later in the shift, she recommended I should just become an actor. I joked around with her more when her family came to visit, 3 of them requested me to get their blood pressures. They all had elevated readings. I recommended cucumber, and other veggies from the gourd family like upo and patola.

(2) Middle aged female preparing to be discharged. She was soft spoken and good natured, but when I told her that her blood pressure was elevated she mentioned that she was worrying about life’s problems. You wouldn’t know it from her smiling face.

(3) Newly admitted male with mustache was fascinated with the contactless thermometer. We needed a sample of his sputum (phlegm), but he said he couldn’t cough up any. I let him take a couple of deep breaths and he quickly produced some. You never know what you can do until you try!

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