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There are more than 3 Million households that earn in the bottom 1%. This is About $10 000 per household. Average population is something like 3 people in a household. Don’t dare compare surviving on $10k with a household of two professional MDs surviving on $450k. Absolutely these guys have issues with all the demands on their income. But. That factor 45x puts the problems of the top 1% beyond comprehension (mind-boggling) to those at the the symmetric other end. There is no argument about the top 0.01%. They are the actual bad actors who started our climb into inequality. We are now well below the middle on the Gini scale, whereas most European countries are much more equal. So the top 0.01 are meeting and exceeding their original goals. The top 0.01% boggle the minds of the top 10% (over about $135k) and also the top 1%.

I really do understand what was written. The problems of the monied few are real, they cause insomnia and suicides. I just compare that with the students in my class who at age 22+ who might have several part time jobs and may not afford 3 meals every day each month. These people do not have the good schools in their background, so at best they have a hard time succeeding in their college dreams.

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