A Trinity Hall of Mirrors Built Around Perjury & Incitement

Hauling newspapers crammed with car advertising, Trinity Mirror’s HGVs run on diesel and over vulnerable road users. Unsurprisingly their editorial stance on cycling is as hostile as their vehicles. Victims distorted as violent, violence distorted as victim, both with the aim of perverting the course of justice.

Practically all journalism today can be traced back to an industrialised model as implemented by those like motor manufacturer Henry Ford at the beginning of the 19th Century. In 1920 he bought the Dearborn Independent to almost exclusively incite violence against Jewish people. If the results weren’t so horrific some headlines would be comical: Jew Jazz Moron Music destroying American aesthetics. Will Jewish Zionism Bring Armageddon?”. No, that would be you Mister Ford. His four volume, 81 piece, three-hundred-thousand word diatribe — probably the work of an advertising team — was translated across multiple languages, notably German, and went on to form a strategic corner stone of Nazism. There indeed was only one American worthy enough for an übermensch-ion in Mein Kampf.

“…only a single great man, Ford, [who], to [the Jews’] fury, still maintains full independence… [from] the controlling masters of the producers in a nation of one hundred and twenty millions…”

At the time of Ford’s writing, some three-quarters of all jewish Europeans lived east of Germany, 30% concentrated in Poland alone, and 30% again in the Soviet Union. It was not long since Revolution had nationalised Soviet oil taking chunks out of British empire, and it was not long before Rockerfeller’s Standard Oil, Royal Dutch Shell’s Henri Deterding, and Heinrich Ford were providing Nazis with support. In 1939, when the youngest soldiers knew only hatred for Jews, they marched on Poland. Within two years captives of Auschwitz were making synthetic tyres for IG Farben, under patents given to them by Standard Oil, to run motors built by Ford.

Ford would also be integral to Germany’s V2 intercontinental ballistics program before the technology was repatriated into the US nuclear arsenal becoming PG-11 Redstone. Chrysler Automotive became primary contractor.

So, to a sick journalistic carnival of cavaliars at the Mirror who have a particular demographic they want punched and distorted by their post-Nazi press.

[Editor: That’s quite the segue, and I’m sure they’d run them down too given the chance, but get facts straight. The Trinity Mirror pre-dates Nazism.]


Viscount Harmsworth and brother Rothmere established the paper at the same time as they did the Daily Mail, and later would support Nazism as the best means of rehabilitating the German monarchy.

What exists today is a perverse hall of mirrors: the Mail a loathsome national reflecting bigoted aristocracy, and Trinity Mirror, a camouflaged totality fractured across some hundreds of ‘local’ brands.

You can’t fight what you can see.

[Editor: enough history already.]

Fine, here are today’s headlines. Reports are coming in that some children have been seen cycling on a road and a driver had to wait literally ninety seconds before completing an overtake.

Coventry Telegraph: Watch hooded cyclists put lives at risk with stupid stunts in fast traffic (Irresponsible and Dangerous). By Antonia Bannister, 19:00 April 25th 2017.
Birmingham Mail: Watch reckless cyclists do wheelies and block cars in road rampage (Shocked motorists video riders flaunting the laws of the highway). By Antonia Bannister, 12:11 April 26th 2017.

Two articles, two days, two brands. One author, one Mirror.

The video being promoted plays for 1 minute 20 seconds, but covers an event that lasted less than two. Despite this, three time lapses fracture an impression of a much longer interaction yet right there reflected is the timestamp, plain to be seen but not seen.

There is no sound.

Depicted is ONE impatient motorist (possibly beeping and shouting) veering into oncoming traffic, straddling lanes, trying dangerously, and at times illegally, to overtake children cycling. (He may have done worse in the parts removed.) Yet Antonia Bannister, “Midlands media news reporter of the year”, deliberately inverts reality.

For her purposes, children on bicycles travelling 13mph are “rampaging” bullies threatening the life of an adult cowered in armoured car.

The man caught up in the teenagers’ dangerous game said that he and his elderly mother-in-law were left unnerved and [in fear].
A 10mph rampage where nothing was destroyed, no one feared for their life, and no one was harmed.

A third article, same author.

Coventry Telegraph: “Makes me so angry” — Readers react to teens pulling dangerous bike stunts on busy road. Antonia Bannister, 13:09 April 26th 2017.

Kids now kidnappers “hooded and masked”, or alternatively, dressed for April and with full-face helmets. Continuity issues abound like some cheap anti-fan-fiction, and the “blocked cars” of yesterday are now “fast moving traffic”. However, being the window-dressing for “angry” cherry-picked reader comments, the resemblance is more towards some weird 2-for-1 promotional deal. Incitement leads desired reaction, as this disneyfied mini goebbels the truth.

“As a professional journalist, I write unbiased accounts. Happy to speak with the cyclists or any other for an article if they want to comment,” tweeted Antonia Bannister.

One very modest and polite critic of Bannister’s slippy sleaze-slide shit-shoot of incitement, was Bez, and writing for a niche cycling zine he tried to clean up her mess. He revealed her personal bias of having called people cycling “a bunch of divs” on Facebook.

But the point of his article was to detail a very competent agent performing a specific function within an industry that revolves around motoring and manipulating public perception.

Sadly, he didn’t get straight and clear enough to the point.

Like the Mirror, he chose to lead with the perceived misdeeds of the defamed, and his editors chose the junk headline, “Flaunting [sic] The Laws Of The Highway”. That’s about people disobeying the law, right? No it’s about what journalism is at its core, so let me re-deliver blunt as any HGV.

Bannister is a professional liar and a typical baby-face behind which aristocrats like to stand and slip unseemly. (Are they ever found any other place?) The one-way mirror had failed, company editorial revealed, and her first defence was avoidance, playing victim, and then undermining her critic’s credibility.

“Just had someone write an article about how crap I am — would have loved it though if they would have approached me for comment,” tweeted Antonia Bannister.

Where as a scholarly piece on how journalism incites violence in which Bannister was only incidental, Bannister wrote three tabloid hits on how crap children were extending no right of reply nor defence. Neither was there need for approach as comments were all over her social media including one calling children “mutant” bike riders, and whinging they had “no lights”.

It was daytime.

Mini-Goebbels struggling, in tagged and ticked came her groom fittingly pictured obscuring a parking lot. On first tweet Simon Gilbert, chief reporter at the Coventry Telegraph, was smearing a critic with “misogyny”. (This dynamic may sound familiar to some.)

“How’s your victim mentality working out for you? Embarrassing attempt to shame a young trainee reporter. Do I sense a hint of misogyny?”, tweeted Simon Gilbert.

This is not a one off ram-raid for page views but the latest shots in a long information war.

[Editor: no, you can’t link to Alex Jones even if that would be hilarious.]

Another incite/outrage pair can be found at the Birmingham Mail August 2016, and is indeed formulaic. This strategy used against the same mode of transport, has been exposed previously at sister publication, the Bristol Post (another Mirror shard that sticks the truth), and used brazenly by their inbred cousins at the Mail for their attacks on London cycle infrastructure.

Article four and five.

Birmingham Mail: “Why were hundreds of cyclists riding through Birmingham city centre? Watch why police and MPs received calls from concerned members of the public” by Jasbir Authi & Isolde Walters, 31st August 2016.
Birmingham Mail: “This is how Birmingham reacted to teenage cyclists who caused city centre chaos”, by Isolde Walters, 1st September 2016.

Article Six.

Swarms of children on bicycles forced drivers to jam on their brakes as they went on the rampage on busy roads. […] The rampage mirrors another invasion by cyclists — when mountain bikers caused shopping centre chaos after invading the Bullring , performing wheelies in front of stunned Sunday shoppers.

Seven, eight, nine. Ten incites eleven and would be the earliest in this prolonged phase of reporting began Augest 4th.

“Watch: Driver fury as 100 cyclists halt traffic on busy Birmingham Road”, by Andy Richardson, 4th August 2016.
“What Birmingham motorists said about cycling gang” by Andy Richardson, 5th August 2016.

Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and all combine to incite fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.

“Parents of cyclist gang that terrorised shoppers threatened with eviction”, Nick Mccarthy, 17th February 2017.
“Why six cycle lanes have been scrapped”, by Neil Elkes, 14th December 2016.
“Drivers ‘deliberately and aggressively’ target cyclists on Birmingham’s streets”, by Ben Hirst, 18th September 2016.

No, this is not clickbait nor just some over-eager naive trainee reporter but Henry Ford’s International Cyclist writ small.

The Independent: “Cyclists and their powerful backers are destroying London” says conspiracy theorist, Janet Street Porter, 1917.

In summer 2016, a simmering subversion of all things cycling turned frenzied velo vendetta. Why?

Correlation may not mean causation, but September saw Birmingham council launch their “Cycle Revolution”, a cycle scheme that was heavy on marketing but light on delivery even before plans for a network of six routes were watered down to mediocre upgrades on an existing pair.

The council were never committed to a Revolution and barely reached Progressiveness, but what little ground was being made suffered a familiar Reactionary offensive. As one may guess from Mirror headlines, consultation is still open though the media long fragmented “no”.

Do you want to give “hooded and masked” cycle gangs easy access to rampage and terrorise shopping centres?

If I was into conspiracy theory I might ponder on whether some trickster encouraged these kids to ride their bikes through the mall, August 3rd. Cui bono, and what better way to incite a furious retail scribble headed for councillors?

(Maybe these “cyclists” ARE the ISIS of Birmingham.)

Crushing Business Rivals

As it happens though I’m not into conspiracy, just networks of business interest and reality blunt. Let me hit again:

The Trinity Mirror is a paper haulage firm reliant on car advertising, whose HGVs run on diesel and over vulnerable road users.

Content serves adverts, adverts don’t serve content. The company delivers adverts to customers, and “economic growth” to those behind the print. As such content cannot be allowed to spanner that business dynamic. Drivers, motor manufacturers and car ownership cannot and are not presented negatively lest this mobilise people and planners towards regulatory action.

As luck or police informant would have it, April 28th saw Antonia Bannister (introduced only as “driver”) having witnessed a “man [being] arrested after a dramatic high speed pursuit involving eight police cars”. A “pursuit”, like some orderly middle-class recreation, and “incident” unlike rampage. More colourful prose does leak the further you read — Bannister describes events as “panic inducing” — but driver responsibility is vanished.

A car weaved, a car sped, in her words a car “was driving quite fast” and was eventually stopped. Later a man was arrested. No life endangerment, no recklessness, carelessness nor dangerousness.

An advert cavalcade of cars crowded Bannister’s testimony as if keeping a beady headlight on editorial style. Clean and clinical. De-sensationalised, de-scandalised, de-liberate.

Potential buyers must not learn to associate driving with the possibility of their own death even if that’s the biggest killer of young men in or outside of the car.

Exceptions can be made for drink drivers, bad-appled and demonised, but it seems they only ever hit pedestrians. For such a safety conscious industry and one with much influence, I’m sure within a month there could be zero tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol, yet drink driving is legal to a point. Breweries are big hauliers too, and one for the road is just fine.

In comparison, marijuana sees zero tolerance.

In contrast, people are conditioned to associate cycling with death, even if cycling is safer than walking. Families must be made to even fear eviction, and editors terrorise with constant images of fatal or other injury.

The following is not a cherry-picked selection but an ordered complete set of all Mirror headlines related to cycling over the last week.

Mirror: “Cyclist has incredible near miss when lorry comes crashing down on road”, April 28th.

Or alternatively…

“Driver of dangerous Heavy Goods Vehicle Rampages Fatal Path of Destruction”

This story was promoted by motor PR firm NWNS who is a key driver of the media war on cycling. A man in a rickshaw is “tragically” killed and I thought if it “bleeds it leads”? Predictably the fate of the lorry driver is unknown, he’s never even mentioned but I presume dead. Instead, NWNS hiding behind the Mirror present a gratuitous frame-by-frame focus on the person cycling.

Or alternatively:

“Police warn drivers not to encourage reckless behaviour that may endanger someone cycling”

Before being lifted up to national scandal, this initially was headlined as “SHOCKING FOOTAGE” in the Mirror’s Burton Mail. They then republished as pretend road safety lecture directed only at the person cycling:

“WATCH: After [yesterday’s] crazy cycling video we look at what riders can and cannot do”

Not quite another incited reader’s reaction, but close and perhaps worse.

Mirror “Help me, I’m dying”: Last words of teen cyclist hacked to death by masked machete gang

The victim having a bicycle is irrelevant to the story. This was literally gang violence.

Or alternatively:

“Motor rampage in China: Drivers are unsafe at any speed”

I’m going to link the above because it’s essentially as close to a motorphilic snuff movie as the media could get away with. No dignity in suffering, no driver sighted in headlines but blatantly there for sadists to porn over. This is an organised terror campaign which can be seen across all major and often minor publishing, and even in “road safety” campaigns.

[Editor: Warning some images of blood you may find distressing.]

“Revealed — Deadly toxic air enters bloodstreem 15 minutes after cyclists inhale it: City [are] particularly at risk because their lungs work harder and many bike routes are alongside lanes used by heavily polluting diesel vehicles such as HGVs [hauling newspapers], buses and taxis.”

(I’ve not even reached February’s media war on cycling nor exhausted April.)

Do drivers not breathe too? Not so implies “Health Editor”, Ross Lydall, yet drivers are perhaps the group most harmed, confined causing congestion and gas-chambered by their own pollution. Owned by the Daily Mail, The Evening Standard has a fleet of thirty-three HGVs which make eight-thousand daily drops, run on diesel and over vulnerable road users.

“Nurse tells of terror after breaking back in cycle crash in south London: A London nurse who was left with a broken back in a crash with a car has said she will never cycle to work on the capital’s roads again.” (Daily Mail’s Evening Standard, May 1st by Hatty Collier.)

A terror campaign in plain site but unrecognisable, and that she was seriously injured by a reckless driver unsafe at any speed is minimised away. I returned to Gilbert and pressed again.

@joelcacooney: Do you think inflaming bigotry and hatred amongst your readership for clicks is a responsible thing for a newspaper to do?
@lstwhl: [For the love of God, Joel…] it’s not for clicks. Trinity Mirror is a haulage company that sells car adverts. Simon Gilbert’s HGVs run on diesel and over people cycling.
@thesimongilbert: An incredibly elaborate conspiracy theory. Well done. Or we’ve just written an article on a small group of cyclists acting like prats.

You’ve written nearly twenty, but me thinks the lady doth protest too much and too early, before a conspiracy has even been called.

@lstwhl: That’s a statement of fact. How do your newspapers with car adverts get to agents? In HGVs that run on diesel and over vulnerable road users. As such you’ve taken a Henry Ford approach to destroying the character of a business rival: transport free at the point of use.
@thesimongilbert: Well this conversation has taken a bizarre twist. I’ll leave you to enjoy your hemp clothing and vegan food.

Hemp as to British-American tobacco and petroleum polyester. Vegan food as to Bernard Matthew’s battery-operated turkey dinners. Bicycle, a Ford’s Focus. Prejudice abounds around threats to business interests.


Perhaps for the only time that day, this moany gerblert shard a glimpse of truth, but not before going back to smearing a reputable critic. The lowly “blogger” was being accused of targeting a “young female reporter with a personal sexist attack”.

The Unholy Trinity really is a vast node within a complex business network, and “car advertising” though undeniably a component, is over-simplification. But that was never the beginning and end to my argument.

Ad Hominems…

Perjury & Executive Prosecution

Trinity Mirror is contracted to CEVA Logistics who deliver twenty-thousand tonnes of newsprint each week, but also ship complete vehicles, tyres, and motoring sundries. They serve oil, mining, and retail interests, then spiral out of scope for this article into a global company spanning one-thousand locations in 160 countries.

Back in the media boardroom where Goeb-blets become Goeb-blimps, a dazzle of connections reflects an image much like the other as fractal shards stab reality incoherent.

  • Chief Executive, Simon Fox — founder of Office World and former Guardian director, worked at King Fisher PLC, one of Britain’s biggest retailers. Also director of the Press Association.
  • Group Finance Director, Vijay Vaghela — formerly chartered accountant at Deloitte of Enron infamy
  • Chairman, David Grigson — formerly of Esso UK, Saatchi & Saatchi, then Reuters, Carphone Warehouse and insurance company Standard Life.

Other active external appointments include Ebay Europe and Facebook. These people specialise in risk, obsess liabilities, and must maximise shareholder value.

Potential drivers (or their employers) cannot be dissuaded from driving through fear of prison or prosecution, and mediums will be used to dehumanise, undermine, and disorganise potential victim groups.

A car is designed to protect the occupant and kill the person driven at. That’s a feature not a bug, plain to see but unrecognised.

An added worry for hauliers is shrinking car sales makes tapping income and housing tax for road funding increasingly untenable as driver population approaches zero. Drivers need to drive to enable hauliers to haul all of yall’s cheap China to Tim’s books too. At stake here is not just loss of advertising revenue, thus hauliers are naturally inclined towards certain kinds of “risk management” techiques as part of their own business logic. They are also inclined towards vilifying those groups that interfere with the smooth running of factory or engine. That professional drivers may be the most actively violent road users is a feature not a bug.

That police, little more than Ford enforcers, persecute people cycling whilst witholding prosecution of motorists are features, neither bugs.

Perverting the course of justice is a conscious strategy.

It was a mistake when Bez used the silly euphemism of “pre-sausion” as perjury is a fine word. All sorts of scenarios have to be imagined whether road violence, rape victim, or divorce settlement. Perhaps it’s politicians on war, fracking, or dealing with climate change. Inevitably, like some conditioned ear worm, false memories, feelings, opinion, amplified or stifled by editors will be played back unconsciously deciding verdict. There is no “there but for the grace of god go I” emergent jury happenstance because they built the legal casino, its lobby, and are more than happy with the odds. They’ve been stacked for decades with blarbi-bloebble types whether called Milo, Janet, Katie, or Antonia.

They are not the reflection of the many, but a reflection of the same inbred few, and perhaps people will be free when the last monarch is strangled with the pentrails of the last priest-come-journalist.

Journalism hasn’t changed in the slightest but Standard Oil changed, they became Exxon Mobil and donated to Clinton 175-to-1 over Trump. Ford changed and became a Foundation. The Dearborn Independent lasted only 7 years, but its bastard progeny live on globally, each with a paternal interest obviously there but unseen, hidden behind a frontline of writers, editors, executive boards and managed hedge funds.

One such abusive child is the ambiguously international Rebel Media of Toronto, which does many things including deploy Tommy Robinson as UK race-relations correspondent. These post-Nazis like pre-Nazis love kars, koal, khristianity, Israel, guns, British-American tobacco, and freedom of speech: the corner stone of any hate campaign. They deny climate change, hate greens, women, carbon taxes, Black Lives Matter, unions, public transit, communists, anarchists, and people cycling even get special mention. But they absolutely hate one demographic in particular.

It’s been eighteen years since 9/11, and the youngest soldiers of the Anglo-American Reich wanting to “make itself great again” and “take it’s country back know nothing but hatred for muslims.

So rolls the Anglo Axles of Evil, in plain sight but unrecognised.

Update May 1st

Even though only having published today I’m already out of date. Yes, people hungry after cycling are the enemies of coffee shops. Alternatively, one is being shuttered because the lease is up but you only find that out by talking to the owners (which the Birmingham Mail did), yet their headline was:

“Sweaty cyclists kill off top city centre coffee shop” Birmingham Mail, May 1st.

Six Eight Kafé, in their own words:

“It’s not anybody’s fault except ours, we had been out of contract for 18 months so we should have sorted it out. We’ve had three different landlords in 2 years so it was a bit tricky to do the lease renewal. Having a closing down party on the 12th May.”

This had nothing yet everything to do with cycling.