Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

You gotta work twice as hard to get half of the way…

Even though you speak some truths, what I have decided to do myself, and suggest you do, is read more and cite always. The problem with social media, and honestly mass media in general, is that we can say things — basically rant and rave about a truth that is shared by our particular group — and have to show proof to those we desperately want to listen. Even though our pains and scars should be enough.

But there is no proof that you can provide a closed mind. Humanity has basically forgotten how to be human, and it really isn’t about race at this point because we all have suffered, it seems it is our time to suffer in this way. I don’t know white pain, or privilege, but I know a TON about black pain and little though it might seem, there is a privilege that comes from that.

If people do not believe your truth, take solace in knowing that someone, like myself, shares this experience. You are not alone, though being feared and ignored is a deep, deep and disturbing American tradition. This is a society our ancestors didn’t ask to create but ultimately joined out of necessity and pride. We cannot leave because it is the only home we know and sometime that realization kinda sucks.

You won’t win this battle. Not through social media, at least. The fight is away from the keyboard and in the classrooms, the courts, the streets, and in our homes.

And to those who disagree, that’s your truth but analyze where that comes from, like I have done, and pick up a book, as well. That’s the real reason this election went to shit… We’ve all been a bit lazy, passive, blind with frustration, or self-absorbed. I’m sure one of those adjectives fit us all. I can raise my hand to being at least two at any given moment.

But that’s humanity for you: Flawed as fuck… If you want change, be the change you seek. A smart man from India said that once…


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