091016- on the way to church on this sunny day.

Stayed back for Student’s lunch. Chilli with rice and salad. The chilli was super yumz.

Headed to the new chatime on Oxford road to get our study drinks. But this branch seems like they haven’t gotten their proportions right. Our milk teas are so white lol. Too much milk. Plus they only gave me pearls when I asked for nata de coco also👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Did reading for about 4 hours. Found a nice new place to study.

IDK if it shows but the sky was particularly pretty this evening
The first thing Sil said when he saw this was “wah the moon very half today” lololol very half what even.

Came back to prepare dinner. Pumpkin soup and escargots. And some leftover salmon (not in pic). Lidl was selling the snails on offer. £1.99 for a pack of 12. Worth it, no? Plus very yumz. Imma get some more when I go back.

Our dinner movie was Bride and Predjudice, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite watching it for at least 4 times. “No life without wife”😂

Sil enjoyed it too. He realised why his mum found bollywood movies entertaining hahah.

I felt like dessert after so I had yoghurt topped off with sliced bananas, Kelloggs’ bran cereal, and honey drizzled on top. New fav😊😊😊

When prince and Princess came back, we still had time to spare and so we watched Kaiji: The ultimate gambler. *spoiler alert* It’s about this guy who’s not very successful in life, working at a mini mart and he got called on a guarantee for a friend who has gone missing and now has to pay over 2mil to loansharks. He gets on board a ship which promises to clear his debt if he wins. But he fails and ends up working underground for this corporation who is building an underground empire. It is owned by a corrupt corporation. Long story short, he overcomes all the obstacles, although he loses some friends on the way, and he regains his freedom. Still a loser though because he gets tricked of his winnings at the end lol.

After having a great 3-day movie weekend, it’s time to get back to the grind ugh.

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