Freelance writing is in its golden stage. Content is everything and text content rules. Text content is the dominating factor for your customers on your online profile or for SEO purposes on your website. If you’re reading this, you’re either already a freelance writer or thinking of becoming one. In any of the cases, it is necessary to take the freelancing seriously and work as such. This post is oriented towards both the audiences. Here are some tips to become a successful freelance writer.

Describe yourself clearly:

As a freelance writer, you are not selling your services, you’e offering yourself as a brand so its necessary to be clear about yourself. Describe your niche clearly and concisely. Describe your vision and your workflow with your projects. Don’t put your rates or anything else that puts away the contractor.

Choosing a platform

Choosing a platform is an important task. Its important that you choose the right platform for writing. when you’re starting, don’t choose a platform that is too crowded. It will lower your self esteem when you don’t get the projects. Choose a platform that works in your favour. Look out for the payment option too that works in your favor.

Be consistent

You’re not going to start getting projects from the day and you should understand that. You have to compete with thousands of freelance writers out there and its not easy to get your first project. For that, you will have to keep bidding on the projects and describe yourself clearly. Understand the projects and tell the customer how you’re going to do it and how your experience in the past will help you shape it. Pitching is an important part of your work Don’t bid a higher amount for the day one. You will have to keep your price lower than others in order to score your first project. Offer to do a sample article for free so that the customer can judge your work.

Be Punctual

The platform is going to be the only way for you to contact your customer. So, its necessary that you check it regularly for new messages and other stuff. Don’t stay away long from it. Once you have got an project, always deliver it on time. Punctuality plays a key role in deciding your work quality and more. This gives you positive testimonials which help new customers to choose you accordingly. Testimonials are an important thing when a customer assigns you a new project.

Offer additional services

Handing over a project is not the only thing when it comes to work. Tell your customer that if He/She doesn’t like your work, you’re willing to make edits and more in your work. This gives a positive impression of your work on your customer.

Be prepared for everything

If you’re taking freelance writing as a full time profession, it is necessary for you to be prepared for everything. There are going to be times when you will find little or no work and manage your expenses accordingly. Keep savings for hard times and don’t overspend. There might also be cases when customers pay late or don’t pay at all. You should be prepared for everything.

Above all don’t forget that you have life too; Writing may seem magical if you have loads of work and you’re earning money hand over fists. Even in those times, you should not forget that you have a personal life too. Don’t take too much work load that it converts into tension for you. Keep the work life balance intact and take care of your health too. Writers take help of caffeine to stay attentive and too much caffeine can work in negative for you.

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