Is Marriage Annulment The Same As Divorce?

Is it better to remain in an unhappy or abusive marriage for the sake of your kids? Why do people still have reservations about marriage and divorce — stating this sacred union should never end despite hell and high water? The truth is it’s actually better for the kids if you separated from an abusive spouse whether husband or wife.

More than 90% people in the U.S. marry by the age of 50 i.e. when they are ready for this big change. This isn’t surprising in a country where more people focus on advancing their careers. Out of those 90% people, 40–50 percent of married couples file for divorce.

Is there a better alternative than divorce in the United States? Yes there is… although you might not qualify for this option. Let’s see why:

Divorce vs. Annulment — What Is the Difference

There are two options available to people considering ending their marriage. You can choose to file for divorce or a marriage annulment as both options don’t require separation (legal period of separation differs state by state).

Think filing for divorce in Nevada is the better and easier option for ending a marriage? Think again! Many people don’t choose marriage annulment because there a lot of misconceptions about this method of ending a legal marriage.

Here is the main different between these two options… you decide which is the best.

What Is Divorce?

A divorce between two partners ends a legally binding and valid marriage. However filing for divorce can be a bad decision especially if you have kids and/or property. Disputes can arise over custody of kids and property.

What Is Marriage Annulment?

Compared to divorce in any U.S. state, filing for marriage annulment will completely erase a marriage as if it never happened. A marriage annulment in Nevada will make the marriage null and void.

However there are conditions for filling a marriage annulment and very few couples actually qualify for this option.

One benefit of marriage annulment is that by law you’ll be considered single and not divorced after going through the necessary steps.

Why File For Marriage Annulment Instead Of Divorce?

There are many reasons why it’s a better idea to have your marriage annulled. This will make your marriage null and void, as if you were never married in the first place.

Another benefit enjoyed by people in some states is that you won’t have to deal with division of marital assets/property, child custody and spousal support. Of course this ruling differs from state to state.

Another good reason for filing for marriage annulment in Nevada is if one or both parties don’t want to face stigma associated with divorce or if you were a victim of a false or sham marriage.

To file for marriage annulment you must first qualify for this option. Learn how you can qualify for marriage annulment in Nevada with help from Las Vegas Annulment.

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