Another new beginning
Just the way I like it
New people, new place
The next phase in life
I have loved change forever
People are usually afraid of the unknown
I craved it. A different tomorrow always made my day
I got too used to leaving people and places behind
That I started getting used to living with myself
But somehow the people I met made me forget 
That one day I will be leaving them too
I want to regret getting close, but how can i when I love them like I do
Now as I move on, my heart calls back to that little part it left behind
To go back and live with it as a whole
But this time, the change I used to await is here but without my choice
Whatever happens life has to go on right
So we move forward, towards our dreams and goals
Meeting new people along way and hoping against hope that 
The ones you love will stay close to your heart forever

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