What have we come to
The hopeless lovers that we were
The envy of people who saw us
We were the living definition
Of true love, soul mates they called us
But here I am , a broken soul.
You completed me and now
I am left in pieces like an incomplete puzzle
The melancholy over your loss is like a grey cloud hanging over
The heartbreak that haunts me day and night
And the sorrow that weighs me down 
The thoughts pushing me to join you when I have nothing left to hang on
I wish you had took me along
Why have you left me to long.
I know you can’t come back 
But oh! How I wish you would
Days don’t seem real anymore when
I wish to sleep forever so
I can have you in my dreams.
I can’t​ stay anymore darling
The wait will be over soon 
I’ll be there by your side 
And we can make the heavens jealous 
Of our love, together.

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