Heart of Gold

The glint that lights up your eyes
Everytime you are happy
The littlest of things that brighten your day
The strength you show when you're hurt
The smile that never leaves your face
No matter how shattered you feel
Your bravery never ceased to amaze me
But darling I've known you for so long
And that bravery doesn't fool me anymore
Why lie to yourself when you know it's an illusion
Why deceive everyone around when it so clearly shows
Why pretend to be happy when I am by you to support your burden
Take it as my word that I would never leave your side
Trust me to not be the same backstabbers that broke your heart
Show me that your vulnerable so I can be your pillar of strength
Together we can rule the world of joy just the way you want to
Together we can face any hurdle thrown your way
Believe me that I'll be by your side to share your laughs
And same goes for your tears as well
Let me in through the walls you have built so high
To break them down and to set you free.

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