⚠️ Warning ⚠️: This article will be controversial and may contain information biased towards my point-of-view.

Now that we got that out of the way I would like to talk about sleep. Not just sleep, but about the way people talk about it and about the studies that come up with magic numbers based on massive amounts of people with entirely different backgrounds (physically, mentally, daily routine-wise).

Recently I’ve seen many articles popping up about sleeping habits, the way humans should sleep, the magic number of how many hours you need and the way you should rest together with hundreds…

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. I just built the Eiffel Tower out of Lego. Yes, I’m over 6 years old or 14 that the piece advised as the “target audience”, but I think Legos are one of the most amazing toys that don’t have an age limit.

Why do we love Legos so much?

While building I tried to analyze the answer to this simple question. You start building a Lego by the instructions and it just sucks you in. If you are one of those people who left Legos behind at age 9 you might as well pick one up. …

I guess you have experienced the same problem as me because you visited this article. My WiFi signal is dropping me down every 10–15 minutes which is very disturbing, especially in web development. I hate it and I talked to people who experienced the same issues.

The obvious question at this point: Why didn’t I just buy a new router? The answer is, I bought a new router, actually around 4 but somehow it hangs with something else using the same frequency in the house. All of them. …

Medium is undergoing lots of changes, it is really evolving nowadays. I love to write on the sleek interface and I love to tweak Medium. Maybe more than writing on it.

So one of my friends had a problem that was a gold one: She wanted to export her follower list from Medium to CSV. By hand this would have taken her ages for about 2000 followers.

I haven’t yet inspected the followers page (actually I didn’t even know Medium has an option to see who is following you) so this was a completely new field for me. Fortunately she…

Laszlo Mari

Founder of Dakai.io, Consulting for Spotify — Past dev, now business, future astronaut

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