Painfully Obvious: Ghetto, White, and Beloved

I really loved this post which was some what odd since I have never even heard of this child (because that’s what she is). As both a black women and one who was raised, and still lives, in the ghetto, I think that this is a crying shame. Why is it that whites who “act black” (becuase that’s all it is) are celebrated for the very things that “actual” black people get rediculed, discriminated against, and looked down upon for? I’ll never understand it. Let’s be honest, would people like Eminem (although amazingly talented) and Iggy Azalea (not so much) be as famous as they are today if they were actually black? I think not. This girl is in the same category. Hopefully, she can be reached before it’s too late. Great job and keep up the good work☺

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