Prisoners In America Aren’t Allowed To Masturbate
Diamond Brown

Well written and informative. I have to say that it is rediculous to put human beings in such a predicament. Everyone and anyone knows damn well, including prison officials, that most people connot humanly go years without sexual release. Indeed, many of our prisoners are serving LONG sentences (for non violent and first time offenses no less) and do what they have to do. If they are not hurting anyone then they should be left alone, period. Human beings have been pleasing themselves from the beginning of time and will continue unabated.

Further, if clergy masturbate and/or have sexual affairs (and this is often tolerated), and these are people willingly took a vow of celibacy, who are prison officials to tell prisoners not to please themselves. Moreover, many prisons don’t even allow their prisoners to have CONJUGAL VISITS.

I guess the sexual liberation movement stopped at the prison gates.

All this adds up to cruel and unusual punishment just like the act of solitary confinement itself (which is clinically proven to drive people insane and sould be discontinued except in the most extreme circumstances). This is but one more example of the injustice and dysfunction of our Criminal Justice system. Great job:-)