As a teenager, I was always super excited about things around me. Sometimes this excitement made people around me uncomfortable.

I remember wanting to share my feelings with my friends but always resisted because it may make me unlikeable.

Do you also feel that people reduce their attention and affection towards you if you share your true feelings?

Have you ever heard people saying you:

“There is nothing to cry about.”

“You think too much.”

“You are too loud”

“You are over-reacting.”


If you have, trust me, you are not.

Those of us who feel deeply are gifted and blessed to be in this world completely. As we feel so much we can even feel others’ excitement, pain, grief or love. Our hearts are the places where others feel peace. We are not only sympathetic but also empathetic. When we say “I am here for you”, we truly mean it. We are spiritually attuned, we feel moved and want to act for the things we truly believe in. we are loving, soft, excited on outside because we are curious on inside.

Every time someone says you are an over reactor, it’s not about you but about them. The thing they cannot feel is the limitation of their character and they show this limitation by their words. People always try to make you what they need you to be or whatever they are not.

When they say you are over reacting, or there is nothing to cry about, what they mean is: “I don’t have the power to show my true self.”

This long journey of people pleasing to gain a sense of self worth is a lot tiring. Going in a shelter and hiding our true self because people think that we are out of sync is really excruciating.

You never chose to be the black sheep. You never chose to have a kind heart, a sensitive body, curious mind or an excited brain. But it is now up to you to choose yourself and give this façade a good bye kiss and brace your uniqueness. Loving your true self should be a daily practice as we cannot expect someone to love us unless we love ourselves. When we accept ourselves as we are then we will have no interest in keeping relationship with people who think we are “too much”. Then you will also experience a sense of self love in truest form.

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