Louvre Abu Dhabi

By Lateefa Omar and Khawla Rashed

ABU DHABI — Louvre Abu Dhabi is the first universal museum in the Arab world that aims to discover how art developed in different cultures and civilizations across the world. This museum is result of a cooperation agreement between the United Arab Emirates and France, which built in the city of Abu Dhabi.

It is located in Saadiyat Island and the size is approximately 24,000 square meters that make it the largest museum in the Middle East. The cost construction of the museum about $600 million and the UAE government paid $464 million for France to the use the name “Louvre” which in Paris.

Louvre Abu Dhabi — A guide explain the statue titled “Horses of the Sun” by French sculptor Gilles Guerin — (photo by Khawla Rashed).

The designed by French architect named Jean Nouve and the idea of design that inspired by ancient Arabian engineering. The water tables that run through the museum inspired from the traditional falaj system of irrigation. The dome made up of 7850 stars, inspired by the interlaced palm traditionally and is composed of eight layers.

The museum has several sections and each section displays works from cultures and societies from the worldwide. There are three languages which are Arabic, English, and French. Also, there is a simple explanation of their source.

Louvre Abu Dhabi — “Fountain of Light” by artist Ai Weiwei — (photo by Khawla Rashed).

The museum is a collection of more than 600 diverse artworks, 300 of which are on loan from France. It has 12 galleries arranged according to their times in history. These exhibits seek to emphasise connections between different cultures.

The museum offers a guide to explain to the visitors the works displayed in the museum. In addition, there is an iPod with headphones it includes the explanation for the whole museum so, visitors can choose what they prefer.

Louvre Abu Dhabi — Statue of Ramses- (photo by Khawla Rashed).
video of Lourve Abu Dhabi- by lateefa Omar
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