The Question I Hate to Answer
Ellen Lindner

Great work Ellen, and well done for being strong and holding your position in the face of an endless knee-jerk mindset that doesn’t sync with the current realities of life in this dog-pit of a country, which hasn’t provided anything like a safe and nurturing environment for ANYTHING (except making money at the expense of others) for decades. I never thought having kids was a requirement I needed to fulfill…having one dropped in my lap just happened to be a great thing for me but I was able to rise to the occasion by way of a high paying career, and a big reserve of love I didn’t think I had. But I worked with a well-off I.T. guy and his well-off wife, both young with plenty of dough in L.A. who flatly refused to have kids. They thought L.A. was no place for any kid, and they were right. The future for America looks more and more dim, and the less kids have to suffer in it the better. America is going to have to get a lot kinder fast, or its population will continue to fade away. Umair Haque here on Medium has some very sharp talk on all that. Enough said. There’s always the Other Side, which I hear feels a lot better than this side haha.