Pros Cons of Choosing Highly Competitive Keywords/Niches

Every internet marketing business is based on a bunch of keywords, some more popular than others, Some able to generate traffic, others not so much, depending on how often people use them as search queries and on how many other businesses use them when optimizing their sites for the search engines.

Some say that choosing highly competitive keywords or niches, is the secret to making a fortune, others say that the more competitive the niche, the tougher the competition is, the more difficult the optimization process and the more difficult attaining success is.

Where does the truth lie?

Let us review the pros and cons of choosing highly competitive keywords or niches in order to find out:


  • The market is wide enough to allow several businesses to flourish and, if you have competitive products and great ideas, the only limit to how much money you can make is the popularity of your keywords / niche.
  • You have a lot of examples to follow in order to find out what sells and what does not, what appeals to the public and what does not.
  • If you do not have a product of your own, you can easily find a competitive high quality product to promote as an affiliate, without having to worry about your competition not being loyal. The web is a place where affiliates are highly desirable and everyone wants to see them successful.
  • You can reach out to thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of internet users, depending on your niche and on the keywords you choose, but also on how you optimize your site and promote your products.
  • You have several alternatives to make money. Besides directly selling your products, you can become an affiliate or upsell once you build a reputation, and you can make money by advertising other websites / businesses.
  • You have several marketing alternatives, like email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, ad-sense, article directories, social media marketing, guest blogging, etc.


  • You will have many competitors, some better than others, so you need to invest some time, money and effort in coming up with a unique and attractive design, to optimize your site for the keywords you chose, to get a better rank with the search engines and to draw traffic to your website. SEO is much harder when you are using competitive terms. Often the most profitable or even moderately profitable keywords are saturated by big brand and aged authority sites that dominate the SERPS. But, that does not mean that you cannot offer something better within the niche that can attract its own audience, and usually social media is a good venue to get noticed!
  • If you are an affiliate and are planning to build an affiliate based site where you will be promoting other people products you should assume that Google is biased against you. Google is fundamentally biased against affiliates, its a fact. So, if you want to compete in the deep waters of high paying keywords keep in mind that a thin, content weak affiliate site WILL NEVER make it long term, authority site would be the only viable option to create long term success.
  • It will probably take some time to let the world know that you exist, to convince people to buy and to refer your business to everyone they know. But, its not impossible! There are trendsetters making waves in competitive niches all the time because they offer something that target audiences need, or something that is lacking in the market.

However, as mentioned above, when you finally earn your place in SERPs, when the public find out you exist and you have something interesting to say, your opportunities are limitless, your business can grow and you can start making plans for the future.

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When you choose a competitive niche and you target competitive keywords, you make the first step towards becoming a brand in that niche and, when that happens, your success is ensured, not just for the products that you are promoting, but for any products you may choose to offer to the public, because people will grow to like you, to trust you and to talk about your on their social profiles. The ascending trend is easier to keep in a competitive niche, especially knowing that the only limits to your future are the ones that you set.

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