Man’s bestfriend- My first love!

Jun 27, 2017 · 4 min read

I never fostered a feeling for animals like many. I never felt like making them a part of my life. I cried because i had a cynophobia (fear of dogs). I always used to wonder why people are so much gleeful to have a pet. To clear my scepticism, all of a sudden my dad brought a pet dog in the house and what came next was the screaming, sobbing, running and finally planning ways to expel him from my family.

His breed was pomeranian and i wanted him to go back to his place soon because i was not snug as a mug in a rug with a dog and his hair’s all over.

I thought he’ll be leaving soon in a week or maybe two but he came here to stay. All dog foods, shampoos, dog chains were slowly arriving at my place. I felt like this is what I have to deal with, the problem is forever now.

Days went by, I continued moving away but he never stopped chasing me. I was exhibiting my hate towards him but he offered me all the love yet. I used to yell at him but he used to come again wagging his tail with his bone to play with me. I tried to be distant from him but he never cared.

He was in a atrocious condition when he was brought home by my dad. When i heard about the story behind his condition i couldn’t control my anger and really cried for my rough behaviour towards him.

He was brought from a fruitseller who dad knew very well. People and kids around used to throw pebbles over him and hit him whenever around because they used to think that he will bite them. He cried in pain for days and everyday the cycle repeated. Finally when my dad questioned the fruitseller, why is he not giving him to someone who can be a good caretaker, the fruitseller gave my dad the best and the life changing answer and that was “Sir, why don’t you take him”.

Thats how BADAL came in our life. I get goose bumps while writing down his name.

My dad being an animal lover brought him home. Like i said i cried and did all sorts of melodrama to take him back to the place from where he was brought, but the love that he gave me even after receiving so much hate from my end made me realize how stupid we humans are.

Dogs are the best friend a man can have. You can cuddle them when you feel low, you can dance with them when you have no partner around, you can play with them all day long, you can roam with them and shout at them. But, they’ll still love you more than anyone could ever do. They’ll wait for hours to see you and will start barking if you don’t give them your complete attention. My badal was the king of our house.

It is said that you can lower your blood pressure just by petting your pup. They never leave you alone instead urge you to take them along. They feel the pain when you cry, they sit there wondering what’s wrong when you dance like a psychopath. They come running when they hear your footsteps from a distance. They fear of the crackers and make themselves hide somewhere, they cry when you leave them alone. They get jealous when their owner shows love towards other dogs. My badal just left a mark in my life and no one can ever replace him.

The day he left us he taught me what sharing is, he taught me to love everyone despite of the hate that they give you, he taught me how it hurts to leave special someone. I cried the day he was brought home and i cried the day he went. Both the time for different reasons. This time i wanted him to stay, i wanted him to play with me, i wanted him to cheer me up when i cry. I realised it late how foolish i was not to think about making dogs my life but my perceptions changed completely overnight. Just like human, they fall in love too. And in our case he fell in love with us.

As the saying goes, “Some angels choose fur instead of wings.” Likewise, i choose badal instead of a human bestfriend. I miss you badal, you were special and you’ll always remain my best friend.


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