Oh! My Happy Day’s…

Image from pixabay

Oh! My happy day’s, where are you lost?
The day now shines lesser and the night has no stars.
How boring life gets when you have no one to talk to.
Neither a message nor a phone call.
Gone are those days when everything glittered.
The day was prettier and the night used to mutter.
How happy I was when I had so many people by my side.
Whatsapp messages were funny and the calls were too long.
At times long distance friendship is better than the short one.
Because they value relationship that you may have lost.
You go through your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram once and for all.
Yet you find no one who can help you choose your path.
Friends are many but the bond has lowered, you feel like talking but no one bothers to open up.
It’s okay to take your own pace in life but never forget to be with the one who completes your day and night.
Oh! My happy day’s, please come back fast.
There’s no one but me waiting for your glance.