The Happy Feet!

Image from Pixabay

There are things that you regret at times. Don’t take a bad career decision just to regret things later.

Why are you doing this? Why are you always dancing? Are u planning to make a career in dance? Are you an artist? Why don’t you go and get a good job?

Enough of these questions and all those troubles.

Yes, there is a career in dance, music, painting, and everything. Yes, people are planning to opt dance as a career and look at them, they are able to move their body by following the beats which is not at all easy and having that awesomeness in genes is beyond expressing joy.

I being a dancer, have seen people struggling so hard to succeed in what they are good at.

I am surrounded with dancers and artists around and trust me they are the best people to surround oneself with.

They know what pain is, what struggle is, what life is and how one lives happily even after facing so many problems.

They know how hardwork can make them strong some day.

To build your own identity among millions of others is difficult and making it happen is more than a challenge.

They say dancing mostly rely on your power to perform, infact, it depends on how great your mind is in choreographing things, grasping each step fast and involving yourself into it totally.

When you strive hard to achieve something, it’ll surely come to you sooner or later.

Even if you fail now, don’t forget how that will help you to achieve your goal.

Image from Pixabay

Dancers are born to express their emotions through what they do the best.

When you criticize someone, you are not lowering their value instead you are lowering your standard.

Talents are not expressed due to society pressure and i believe its high time now to accept what youngsters are interested in.

Why don’t we have more powerful voice in this society towards such careers than we have for 9–10hours job.

Artist all over are questioned by the society instead of applauding them for their amazing talent.

Entertaining people is a great talent and artist have that in their genes.

If you cannot praise them then don’t even criticize them.

Help them out with their needs because not much they ever ask for.

To all the people everywhere,

If you don’t like something say it, don’t think about the consequences which isn’t your job.

If you are not happy with something, don’t do it people will anyway talk about you.

If you want to move on, please do and don’t feel bad about it.

If you feel like crying, go and cry and let every bad thing inside you go away.

You are childish thats not your problem be the way you are and not the way people want you to be.

You are not here to impress or explain anyone what you are, if they cannot figure it out then they are not worth having you so stop expecting and start accepting things.

There are millions of people around you so opinion of one person should not affect your entire journey.

Take a decision and stand by it, eventually everything will fall in place.

You are in your right path and there are many who’ll always stand by you.

Spread love the way you do and don’t lose hope because “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”