Worthy Of You!

Image from pixabay

You are standing there admiring things and figuring it out.

Abandoned, aghast, lost and unable to perceive the situations taking place.

You start staying deserted and you avoid communicating.

You, all at once feel like giving up.

You feel like jumping off a cliff.

You have too many people to accompany you but still lost.

You start calculating things but the result makes you hate yourself for no reason.

There are days when, even cheerful moments make you go low.

There are days when you just feel like running away from everyone.

There are days when you are unable to figure out the situations.

You suddenly feel like distancing yourself from everyone but at the same time you don’t even feel like moving an inch.

You want to stay alone but you also want someone to just be there and guide you.

Those days make you go through the hardest times of your life.

Those days make you feel that it is not a good reason to live your life, it makes you feel how unimportant you are to everyone around.

You never try to give yourself a time instead you find ways to keep people happy.

And you start thinking from people’s perspective.

You start blaming yourself for everything that happens in your life. You feel like changing everything at once but you don’t even have the strength to do that.

There are people who’ll break you, torture you, offend you, hurt you and then leave you.

Instead of rising up you start doubting yourself, you start blaming yourself, you start telling yourself that you were not good enough or you were not able to live up to their expectations.

For you, everything and everyone were perfect but you made yourself feel inferior.

You know that you don’t deserve all this but still it depresses you to the extent that you hurt your ego.

You finally tear yourself apart and start taking false decisions and then you lose your self-respect once and for all.

image from pixabay


Stop it now, right now.

In this temporary world, where we live, nothing is permanent, things do change, people do change, so should you.

Things never stay the same, people hurt you but that’s not what you have to worry about.

Stop criticizing yourself, stop crushing yourself, stop belittling yourself .

It’s you who can make everything possible, so stop proving the world what you are capable of.

If you are not happy with the decision, work over it but don’t wait for others to make an opinion about it.

Don’t depress yourself so much that your life becomes a burden on your own.

At the end, it is you who is going to take the step, it is you who is going to fight depression, it is you who is lying there in the bed alone, it is just a bad day going on, not a bad life. Stop explaining yourself so much and try living each day long and happy.

The days you miss now will never come back again in your life.

Even if the whole world stand against you, you need to get up and prove yourself first what you are capable of and not to the world who left you in that state.

image from pixabay

As Steve jobs rightly said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

So, Make your life worth living not worth blaming it later.