Let the heart be your guide.

Chanced upon this article which completely relates to the topic I wanted to write about. Thanks Jonas for crafting my thoughts in such a beautiful manner.

Just ended a conversation with a best friend. We’re looking at people around us being driven by capitalism and minds built around societal structures. I fail to understand — it’s a cycle, a loop that never comes to an end.

Money. To each his own. But for me, only means to an end. While happiness and fulfillment are goals. Money is never sufficient, and I would say as long as it allows one for basic necessities of survival, it IS enough. But society make us feel that it’s never adequate. It lures you to splurge and commit to these material goods, creating the perception that you can’t do without it. And your life, your identity gets defined by these that make you feel worthless, lousy once you can’t keep up with it. And it gets you to chase it. There you go. You’re trapped. And you can’t see it.

And the more they earn, the harder they find to give. The irony.

I met my mentor the other day, a very successful woman who shared with me her beliefs — that it’s always a blessing to be able to give. No matter how much. It means you have enough and that you can. For that, we should be grateful.

We often look outside that we forget to seek within. That’s where happiness lies.

I look at my life and realize I often choose the off beaten path. Went for a job that pays lesser than normal graduates. Got out of a relationship that I don’t see a future in. They are all decisions of my heart.

I don’t want to get married, until I find the right one. Even if it means being by myself for a long time. It’s better time spent than wasting time with the wrong person. I won’t do it until I discover love, how to be loved and love someone. (Don’t get me wrong. I will embrace love when it comes. And I will go on dates. But I won’t commit to lifelong till I’m certain)

I’m happy because I’m no longer afraid. I’m happy because I’m learning to accept.

Now go with the flow. The universe will find what’s right for you.

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