How we use Laterbox to change our life

Lets get straight to the point.

We want to do great things.
We want our lives to be meaningful.
We all want to spend our day doing important things that really matter.

But instead..

We often get stuck in mindlessly surfing the internet, chatting with others without having to say anything and struggling in the wind of attractive notifications.

And to make things worse..

We cook up nonsense tasks for ourselves and chase random impulsive ideas that come to our mind. Our beautiful day is lost and we go to sleep without any feeling of achievement. Sometimes, we are just glad the day is finally over and think tomorrow we will do better.

We have tried to use the to-do applications, paper lists, reminders and sticky notes as solutions, but all our good intentions fall by the wayside in just a couple of days.

We even tried to use a a giant white board with all tasks noted to increase productivity and get things done. No use.

Sounds like your story?
If yes…then read below how we got ourselves sorted, with Laterbox.

Laterbox is a simple online app we made for ourselves. It is not just an app but there is a simple method to use it. And guess what? It works!

Here is the Three Step method.

  1. Decide what we want to do today.
    We made a point to write down the 9 tasks we need to do today. Every morning before we start working, we made the list and called it Priority list.
    It consists of 1 most important task, 3 moderate important tasks and 5 small tasks. Systematically sexy ☺ We let our Priority list become the indicator for our whole day to come.
    We coded a small feature in Laterbox which reminds us to make the list every morning by mailing us and also display a beautiful quote to start the day.
  2. Avoid distractions and staying focused.
    We coded a Chrome extension that turns every new tab into something that keeps us focused on our Priority list and takes away distractions.
    We observed that all distractions (surfing, social networking) start from one simple action — Opening a new tab!
    We let our Laterbox take the space on every new tab and remind us to stay focused by showing us our Priority list and at the same time, encourage us to put whatever ‘other things’ we wanted to do in Laterbox. With the random thoughts getting recorded, we had no fear of loosing them. We made our mind to not to chase any random thought/idea. Just put it in Laterbox and continue working! Here is the link to chrome extension
  3. Analyse how we did today and staying motivated.
    We coded a feature that sends us a daily report in mail. It is timed to reach us in the evening after work hours. It consists of thoughts we collected, things we got done and things that are pending from Priority list. We call it a ‘retrospect’ mail and helps us think of how we can improve.
    After our work hours are done, we enjoy ourselves engaging with the random thoughts/ideas we collected. Guilt free!
Here is how the ‘new tab’ of a Laterbox user looks like.

Life gets a lot more simpler as we decide what is priority and what can be done later. Isn't it? Imagine yourself seeing the things you have to do several times a day and an auto-magical box where you can store all your random thoughts for doing later. It just works out.

We used this app and method for few months in 2014 on our internal network and it worked great for us. Later we thought that there must be some more people who would like to use it too. And thus, was born as a side project. We took a minimal and focused approach towards building it and keep on adding new features to it.

You can try it yourself too, and do pass it to those who might need it.