Top 3 reasons why people are ‘not impressed’ by planning.

Enormous studies have shown and every successful person has said that -Planning the day has incredible benefits. Yet for a variety of reasons, people choose NOT to do it. Here are the three top reasons that people don’t go through the deliciously fruitful exercise of planning.

1. Can’t realize the potential

A lot of people believe planning is just additional work. They fail to realize that the time spent on planning is actually going to shape their day so that it is spent fruitfully and work is done.
Spending just 10 minutes in the morning to plan will bring clarity to your actions , boost confidence and bring real sense of accomplishment. Wow!
Have you ever wished for having more hours in a day to finish your tasks? You can! Planning is the answer.
It will make sure you complete your tasks by focussing and keep you away from doing what could've easily been avoided and was totally unnecessary.

2. Don’t see instant results

Biggest of the big reasons planning does not impress people is its inability give quick results and instant gratification.
The first time planners assign themselves a mountain of tasks on Day 1 and then get disappointed when they can not get it done by evening. Doom!
The truth is — planning requires a bit of patience. It requires at-least a week to ten days for anyone to start getting solid benefits of saving time and improving efficiency by planning.
And for people who keep regular at planning…they get benefits which are similar to regular investing for wealth or eating nutritious food for health.
See the bigger picture. It is wonderful.

3. Have no access to tools and methods

Some people understand the benefits of planning and even want to get regular to it. But they try to do it old school and just use pen and paper. This works great for first few days but can not sustain the habit of planning.
They quit before getting any benefits from planning and thus are ‘not impressed’ by it.
Thankfully, internet and technology can be put to use here for personal gains. There are great online to-do lists, reminders, notifications to use. Just find one and start today…and make sure you continue doing it daily at least for a week. You will love it.

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