10 Healthy Foods That Can Intensify Your Orgasm

It’s very common for women to notice a change in the sensation of their orgasm as they mature. Some women complain that the intensity of their orgasm has decreased over time and other women complain that their orgasm has disappeared all together. This can be caused by stress, illness, a lack of sleep, a recent reproductive surgery, imbalanced hormones, etc. Another simple but common trigger is a lack of blood circulation in the body. During sexual stimulation, blood rushes to the sex organs to encourage muscle relaxation, arousal and orgasm. The iron that we should be consuming on a daily basis is one the nutrients that encourages a healthy blood flow throughout the entire body. In my blog post “10 Healthy Foods That Fight Against Menstrual Period Fatigue”, I provide a list of iron- rich foods that promote blood circulation.

There are two sources of iron that can be consumed to promote blood flow to the sexual organs. Non-heme iron comes from plant sources and heme iron comes from animal sources. The body does not absorb non-heme iron as easily as it absorbs heme iron. In order to encourage the absorption of non-heme iron, it must be paired with a source of vitamin C.

The list below contains foods that are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C will not only improve your iron absorption, but it also strengthens the immune system, helps to heal any wounds or scars and maintains the tightness of your skin.

1) Strawberries

You can add fresh strawberries to a spring salad or dehydrate them in the oven to create some healthy candies.

2) Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like spinach or kale can be incorporated into a smoothie or sautéed along with other fresh veggies.

3) Grapefruit

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C like most of the citrus fruits. You can eat one with your breakfast or just as an afternoon snack.

4) Bell Peppers

Bell peppers can be added into a stir fry or an egg omelet to give the dish a spicy or sweet flavor.

5) Kiwi

Kiwi can be pureed to create a kiwi tart for dessert or it can be used to create something creative like a kiwi lemonade.

6) Broccoli

Broccoli can be roasted with some lemon and herbs or you can just eat it in its raw form.

7) Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is a melon that can be blended with other ingredients to create a sorbet or you cut it into a half and add yogurt and granola to create a breakfast bowl.

8) Tomatoes

Tomatoes can be used to make a hearty soup or to create a homemade tomatillo salsa.

9) Papaya

Papaya can be roasted in the oven with cinnamon and honey to create a warm dessert or it can be chopped up and added to a fruit salad.

10) Brussel Sprouts

Brussels sprouts can be drizzled with balsamic vinegar and roasted in the oven or you can simply steam them.

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You should consult your physician to recieve a professional diagnosis and get more advice about whether it’s safe for you to incorporate any of these items into your diet.