5 Ways To Minimize The Time You Spend Meal Prepping Fruit

Lately I’ve been working on preparing some of my meals a couple of days ahead of time in order to make better use of my time. Meal prep has helped to relieve my anxiety because it’s one less thing that I have to worry about on a long list of things that I need to complete throughout the day. Meal prep is when you prepare your food in advance in order to stay within a dietary regimen or to minimize the amount of time you spend preparing and cooking food.

I’ve been trying to use my time more productively by planning and taking control of how I’ve been spending the hours in my day. So I set some new goals, prioritized my tasks and now I’m monitoring how my time is being distributed.

As I’ve been meal prepping my fruit, I’ve noticed that the fruit can dry out or get moldy before I get a chance to eat it, if I don’t prep it correctly. The list below contains some tips that I’ve learned that can help you minimize the amount of time you spend preparing fruit each week.

1) Washing and Drying Fruit

Wash and dry all of your fruit to get rid of dirt, bugs and potential toxins one day per week instead of having to do it every time you get ready to eat a piece of fruit.

2) Mid-week Meal Prep

If preparing enough fruit to feed an entire family for a whole week in one day seems daunting, try splitting your meal prep in half. Prepare 3–4 days of fruit at the beginning of the week and prep another 3–4 days of fruit during the middle of the week.

3) Pre-cut Fruit

Getting some your fruit pre-cut and pre-packaged will save you time if the thought of having to cut a huge watermelon or learning how to cut a fresh pineapple tends to discourage you from purchasing certain fruits.

4) Bagging and Freezing Fruit

If you buy your produce in bulk in order to save money, you can cut your fruit up, separate it into freezer safe bags and store them in the freezer until you need it. This will prevent your fruit from spoiling and it can save you time when you need to make your morning smoothies.

5) Lemon and Lime To Preserve Freshness

Squeezing a little lemon or lime juice onto your freshly cut fruit can help to preserve it’s freshness until lunch or dinner and even for a couple more days.

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You should consult your physician to recieve a professional diagnosis and get more advice about whether it’s safe for you to incorporate any of these items into your diet.