Ginlong Technologies, a global string inverter manufacturer, will be presenting inverter solutions at Solar Power International 2016.


Highlighted at the Ginlong Solis Booth will be:

  • Solis 6K-10K US Single Phase Inverters with industry leading 3 and 4 MPPT designs in a high-power-density, compact package. Featuring high-frequency switching technology and fan-less natural convection cooling for high reliability, the Solis 6K-10K US inverters are 97.8% Peak Efficient (97.5% CEC) and are contained in lightweight (<45 lbs.) NEMA 4X enclosures that allow for one-person installations,
  • Solis 36K-40K US Three Phase Inverters are designed for all commercial and utility-scale installations and lead the industry with 4 MPPT designs that maximize energy harvest. These high quality string inverters feature NEMA 4X enclosures and an external fan-less design for high reliability. Compact and lightweight (<150 lbs.), Ginlong commercial string inverters are rated at 98.6% Peak Efficiency (98.3% CEC),
  • Solis Rapid Shutdown Devices (RSD). The Solis RSD features an innovative low profile design for a fast, under-the-PV panel installation resulting in a clean, professional appearance. The Ginlong Solis RSD is ideal for new installations or retrofit projects. The RSD is certified to UL1741 and compliant with 2014 NEC 690.12.

Come meet the Ginlong Executive Team and technical experts at the Ginlong Solis Booth #647. Please contact us at or visit our website, to learn more.
 Solar Power International (SPI) is the largest solar trade show in North America and will take place September 12–15, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas NV. Presented by SEIA and SEPA, SPI offers attendees excellent opportunities for networking and professional development. Attendees can touch the latest solar products on the trade dhow floor and hear about exciting trends and technologies at trade show events. Starting Monday morning, PV system installers, PV equipment manufacturers and energy storage professionals will spend four days together in Las Vegas exchanging knowledge and expertise, strengthening ties between industry partners and customers, and promoting the solar energy industry domestically and globally.

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