How to Start Making Money on Fiverr

How to make money on Fiverr: The Fiverr is a marketplace where you can sell your service, work, products, tutorials at only for $5. But in 2016, they have updated this system and developed 3 package price section. So now you can sell your 1 gig at more than $100, $200, $300. So making $1000 per month is too much easy in this marketplace. I will discuss that process step by step below.

Gig is the name of your service, offers, products, tutorials etc on Fiverr.

Step 1: Join Fiverr

Simple to join. Just click the join button at the top right corner and fill-up your email address and other essential information’s what they want and check your email to confirm your registration. After verifying your email, now your account is active and you can log in to your account. After login, you will see the marketplace like this below.

Step 2: Create a gig


After completion of your account creation, the first work for you is to create a gig what you want to sell. It may be your services, works, jobs, tutorials, products etc. Maximum gigs are services here. So, I recommend you to create a gig of any services that are relevant to your qualifications, performance, and experiences. If you know graphic design very-well, then create a gig relevant to graphic design like “I will design an lucrative banner for you only for $5”. Like this, you can create a lot of gigs of various topics what you know very well.

And if you can’t find any title how to write, no problem, search your topics in the search box in the top-left corner like “banner design” and you will see a lot of gigs from other workers. Open few of them who have the highest rating and follow their title to create your own title and choose a right category and enter 3 tags that are relevant to your gig. The tag is too much important to find out your gigs when people search by their keywords, if searching keywords match with your given tags and title, they will see your gigs and automatically you will get a lot of order each and every day. When completed, click on save & continue button to go next section.


The section is pricing section. It’s very important part. Here you will see a 3 package activate button at the right corner, just click that button and make it on, you will see 3 package pricing section to create 3 separate package price of your service. I have created a sample package for you shown below in the screenshot. You will set according to your works and services. And fill up all other essential information’s like package name, description, gig price, revisions, delivery time etc.


When completed, click save & continue button to go next section. In this section, you will need to put a description of your gig. Write details about your gig what you actually provide and how do you work and how the buyer will be benefited for your gig. Write an attractive description and when done, Click on save & continue button to go next section.


In this section, you need to enter some requirements from buyer what you actually need during work. For example, you will design a logo or a banner, so tell him “Please send me the whole text of your banner or logo” etc. There is a mandatory checkbox. If you select it, buyer must provide that information.


When done, click save & continue button and go to next step. In this gallery step, you need to upload some photos at least 3 photos and video is optional, but if you add a creative video, your gig will convert more than 80% of normal gigs. When you are done uploading photos and videos Click on save button and in next step, you will see the final step and when you click publish button your gig will activate immediately. Go to your profile and selling section, you will see your gig is over there and you can preview your gig by clicking the preview button.


So now you are ready to make money on Fiverr. In the next step, I will show you how to make $1000 per month with your gigs.

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