Funding Options to pursue Master’s Degree in USA

Rahul has finally found a suitable funding option to pursue Masters in USA

Rahul always wanted to pursue his Masters in USA and he had the determination of bearing the expenses on his own. Masters in Electrical engineering in USA was the subject he wanted to do. But it’s really expensive. So, he started searching universities for MS in USA and searching different funding options for doing the Masters degree in USA.

Now a days, it has become almost a trend to go USA for higher studies. Every year a lot of students from all over the world apply for their F1 Student Visa to go to USA. And they have to change their visa status from F1 Visa to H1B Visa. However, staying in USA and studying in one of the most prestigious universities there involve a massive cost. Are you feeling stressed out thinking about how to manage all these costs? Well, go through this article and find out what are the available funding options for doing work and study in USA.

Be Self-Independent While Doing the Masters in USA

USA can be considered as one of the most important educational hubs for many famed and prestigious universities for pursuing Masters as well as Ph.D in USA. However, studying and staying in USA can be a bit expensive. The monthly college fees generally range from 1200$ to 1500$. Other than this, you have to manage expenses for your food and lodging which is quite a bit expensive for an unemployed student. To overcome these we need to search part time jobs in USA.

Is your dream of doing Masters in USA going to shatter due to financial problems in your family? Well, NO! You can find out options to fund your own expenses.

§ If you go to USA using your F1 student Visa, you are allowed to work there from the day you stepped into the USA.

§ As a student of 1st semester, you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. This means you cannot work as a full-timer during this period of time. However, if you complete 9 months of your academic course, you will be legally eligible for working 40 hours per week. This is scope for you to earn more while studying.

§ With the help of your F1 student visa, you can skip the burden of paying excessive tax amount. The amount you can save in this way is more or less enough for paying the fees of your study courses.

§ While doing Masters in USA a student, who is in his/her1st year, is not allowed to work outside the university campus. In this period of time, he/she may work at the places like the cafeteria, gym, library, bookstore etc. within the school campus.

§ After successfully completing 9 months of your academic course, you are allowed to work outside the university campus. With the help of CPT (curricular practical training) visa, you can work as a full-timer and obviously can earn a lot while studying Masters in USA.

Thus, while studying in the USA you can be self-independent and can earn your own expenses.

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