Master’s Degree in USA

Subhash Pursued Masters in USA — Here’s What He Did!

Like most other students, Subhash was not sure how to pay for his tuition fees and living cost while doing his Masters in USA. He had 3 years of concrete experience in a 4-star hotel. But he wanted to gain an international degree.

Subhash had got unconditional offers from four accredited universities in the United States. But he was worried about his funding arrangement for traveling abroad. The tuition cost, living, cost and other expenditures were obviously respectively higher in the United States.

But he did not give up. Subhash started searching for how he could arrange funds for his study. To his surprise the result was amazing. He found out that he could study and work in the USA simultaneously. There were various other options as well which would help him travel abroad without spending a penny from his pocket.

Initial Funding Options — Masters in USA

Before traveling to the USA students find it difficult to pay for his advance tuition fees, visa cost and other traveling expenditures. Students who have got the unconditional offer from any of the universities can avail education loans from most of the banks across India. They can also apply for as many scholarships as they want. There are no boundaries to the number of scholarship applications for one single applicant. It is now easier for students these days to do their Masters in USA. Previously the banks were not so liberal for disbursing loans to the students. But now it is nothing to take stress about as the banks have easy loan process for students going abroad for their Masters.

In this case, Subhash got a scholarship for 50% of his tuition fees. The rest he arranged through taking an education loan.

Funding options after reaching the United States

Once the initial funding arrangement is done and students have finalized their travel to the USA there are a lot of options to earn and spend while doing your Masters in USA. There are on-campus jobs for newcomers. After completing a year of study while staying in the USA the students can work in companies outside the campus as trainees or interns while doing their masters in USA. Though it is illegal to work in the USA work errands and take up odd jobs, students can get a job in their relative field easily.

Subhas got an internship in a hotel. His earning as a trainee is higher than his salary as a hotel staff in India.

It becomes a piece of cake for the students to afford their study in the USA once they pull themselves together and initiate the process.

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