It’s been a few weeks past from the start of the Outreachy program. I am excited about all my learning and the journey so far. The platform of opportunities that Outreachy provide for the under represented communities is really great.
The theme of this post is more about the participating community and the project as a part of the community.

What kind of people participate in your community?

The Jenkins project has a lot going on between core/plugin development, events, and other open source automation related activities. The plugin development looks like being done by many based on their requirements…


I am Latha Sekar, from India. I got this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Outreachy program this year. I believe that I am not so technical in any aspect and was afraid to even apply to this program. I did few projects before out of my own learning. But after having spent so much time to understand the new-comer tasks, I was able to apply and get selected.

What motivated you to apply to Outreachy?

Women from the society I belong to are not encouraged much to work. Though I am not a Computer science engineer…

In the initial Outreachy tasks, as anticipated, I was struggling to figure out many things. Most of the times, a chat with the mentor helped me to get a way to solve them.

What were you stuck on?

I had a difficulty in understanding the complete ecosystem by itself to work on the task. My initial task was to create a destination configurable for the logs to be written. It sounds very easy now as I understand it better. But when I happened to start it, I also had to understand many things around the Jenkins configurations to visualize it.

Latha Sekar

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