Behind Every Picture

The last few weeks have seen an uptick in the number of memes and quotes with the word “comparison” in it. I have always loved the phrase “comparison is the thief of joy.” It captures exactly how I feel when I find myself in the comparison trap. Yes, I said when. I am a notorious comparer-er :-/

Comparison is not entirely uniform, especially when intent is present. I have found that it falls in two categories; but both are still equally toxic. The first one involves dismissing the accomplishments of others as subpar or not on your perceived ‘level’. The second one involves dismissing your own accomplishments or place in life as subpar or not enough compared to literally everyone else. On a personal level, I mostly fall in the latter category. It takes a lot to admit that, but as the saying goes: “the truth shall make you free”. I can’t really count how many times I have compared myself to others, largely on a subconscious level because it is unintentional. The type of comparison I am prone to is less about jealousy and wishing everyone would fail. LOL. Seriously! I have come across people who, if you allow them to talk long enough, will reveal that they actually feel that way. Me? Not so much. I genuinely want us all to win and pray everyday that my heart is in a position to feel that way regardless of circumstances, lest I inhibit my own blessings. The type of comparison I entertain is mostly around the realm of watching pictures or posts on social media and thinking to myself: “Damn. I could be doing more.” Full stop. We ALL could be doing ‘more’. Each day we all are presented with the opportunity to move a little further along on the journey to our goals. It really is up to us what steps, if any, we decide to take. Either way, ‘doing more' is a fact. But ‘doing more' in comparison to others is a lie, especially when downplaying your strengths, gifts, and accomplishments. Always use people and situations as motivation to spur you on; not to kick yourself around.

Beloved, comparison steals so much. Our joy, yes. But if you are not careful it can kill productivity because you have somehow convinced yourself that you do not have what it takes to accomplish X, Y, or Z. You have what it takes. Those dreams, those visions, those goals. They are all yours for the taking.

Let us look to others not as objects of measurement, but as inspiration. Inspiration to keep going in spite of every obstacle thrown our way, including the ones we create.