It’s been a long way.

Do you know, what it feels like for a girl?

Originally published at Latifa’s Business on August 5, 2016.

The US elections always feel not just like the thing of the USA but of the whole world, and there’s nothing surprising about it, if we take into consideration the fact that the US are the most successful world economy, the most powerful army and the source of dominant global culture.

Not wishing to endorse Hillary Clinton, as the Democratic party Presidential nominee, even though I will say a bunch of positive things about her in this post, I would like to address another, very important, issue that these elections made so visible: The glass ceiling that women who wish to rise to the highest public positions keep on hitting with their heads whenever they reach out for what rightfully belongs to them.

No matter what we thought of Hillary, whether it’s that her real name should be Killary, or that she is a lair, Hillary is the most competent person for the job of the President of the United States. Full stop. Hillary is the most competent person, not to establish a more socially just America or more equal America, but to preserve and strengthen the position of America in the world, on global geostrategic board, and in global economy. And that’s what really matters right now for America, whatever the consequences will be for the rest of the world. Unfortunately. Well, Hillary is not just the most competent person, but she is at least three times more competent than Bill, Barack, George W. Bush..and the list goes on. But what do we have on the other side? Who is her opponent in behalf of the Republican party? Not just a person less competent to be a President of the United States of America, not just a man who is not fit to be a President or a politician at all, and who is way too controversial to be even considered a role model successful businessman. But, Donald Trump, a man who is a fuckin’ joke! And that is very devastating. Not only that a women has to dedicate her whole life to public service and be in the shadow of her husband, or other male figures in her professional surrounding. Not just that she needs to wait for decades, and her old age, to have a chance to compete for the most important post in the world. Not just that she has to be the most competent person in modern history of the country and three times more competent than any man who would run for the Office. But her opponent is downgrading the whole game to such low levels that he acts like a clown, and fucks around, and mocks everything, plays on the card of how stupid people can be, and all of that makes the whole elections and campaign a complete nonsense. A woman couldn’t even have a sane and serious candidate as her opponent! How discouraging that is!

I want you to see this video! I think this video sums up the whole problem with opinionated woman who are seen as a threat, with smart women who are seen as misfit, strong women who are perceived as aggressive, and self-confident women who are seen as overly self-confident(therefore implying that there is no actual foundation for that much confidence in themselves, because, for Gods sake, self-confidence or cockiness is for men). And please let’s not ignore all these mansplaining moments in the video bellow!

Hillary reminds me of my amazing aunt, that I love and respect for her success, kindness and resilience…and, of course, because she is my aunt. I know that she would like to break out into the political scene of our country, and I hope she makes it, before her late 60s, because women of her generation need to keep on pushing a bit higher this glass ceiling that is being set too low, so it would be easier for women of my generation to assume important positions in major political parties and executive government positions, at least, during our 40s.

Cheers to that!