Impossible is nothing

Originally published at Latifa’s Business on June 4, 2016

I was most definitely never a boxing fan, but today is a very emotional day for me. Not because I am mourning the death of Muhammad Ali(because I believe that we should not mourn deaths of great people), but, because I was overwhelmed by the grandiosity of his persona, being reminded of it this morning as I read the news. It feels as if someone close left, and indeed, it is those who we share ideas and beliefs with that are close to us, not those who are related to us by blood or social norms. So many lessons we can learn from the life of this astonishing man, now that his book is finished and open for reading, but among so many lessons, I would have the audacity to point out just a few: We should learn to listen to our inner voice, just as he did through his life, and fight, fight, fight every round of our lives. We should learn that if we feel that we are strong, if we were born to be strong, then we should be fearlessly strong, and not just for ourselves, for our personal gains, but for people around us, those who are weak, those who fear being strong and those who haven’t found their strength yet. We should learn that taking a stand and opposing injustice is our core obligation, despite the consequences and possible outcomes, just as Ali did, when he refused to join the US army and fight in Vietnam, which caused him great losses and made his future uncertain. We should learn that change is inevitable, and our personal and spiritual growth is as essential for us as breathing is. We grew as kids, every day, and reached the limitations of the genetic predisposition of our species, but we must always continue to grow in our spirit and mind, because there are no boundaries there. We must learn to be humble, because if we don’t make ourselves humble before the wonders of the world that surround us and other human beings, we will be humbled, and that might not be the nicest experience of all. We must be the light in the dark, even if the strength of our light is as the strength of light of the farthest star in the night sky. I can’t help but see the greatest words of wisdom that I have ever encountered shining from the life of this great man, and they are as follows: By time. Indeed all men are in loss. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

With this in mind, indeed, impossible is nothing.

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