“13 things to do before i turn 30"

Yes it’s true that i am a “it’s never too late to do this” kind of person.Like it’s never too late to learn karate or to go to a foreign country ,its never too late to start something new of my own etc etc.

Yes i got an optimistic kind of energy.

BUT it is also true that life becomes more complicated when you are older,you stuck with your work and have less free time,Also your friends pair off or get married and it becomes more difficult to make plans.And your body physically ages.

Sad but true !!

So i am here to inspire myself with these 13 awesome things to do before i turn 30.I hope u gonna love it or get some positive vibes.

1.Volunteer for a cause : I volunteer at local events,donate blood,but soon i am gonna visit orphanage houses ,old age homes for smiling faces.

2. Start a workout routine or try a new sport : I started yoga this year but now craving to try a new sport ,tennis may be.

3.Run a MARATHON : Seriously i will run for a noble cause because it always makes one set their goals, push themselves, build confidence, explore new places, and meet new people.

4.Attend a musical concert(coldplay is on no 1 right now) : Gonna see you live surely one fine day.

5.Write a story , blog : It has become my favourite hobby after photography to write my heart out whatever i feel to.Writing doesn’t have to be about getting famous and making money, it can be about the journey of writing and the experience you feel when you put your thoughts down on paper.

6.Solo Travel trip(North-East India on top 1) : Pack for days, will get favorite tunes and sunglasses, and stop at random places and find hidden spots along the way that that i never heard of before.

7.Go out on dates for better connections : Ya sure,why not (wink).

8.Wear a bikini with my girlfriends : One of my favourite on my list (wink again)

9.Go to new york city for new year’s eve : People from around the world go to NYC for the big Time’s Square Rockin’ Eve ball drop.It looks crazy and crowded, but it also looks like fun and I would love to experience it!

10.Get a tatoo : Tattoos may not be for everyone, but it surely will do great with me.I am planning to have one surely.

11.Ride on a motorcycle : I’ve only been on a motorcycle once, but it was a thrilling experience that I’ll never forget.Though it may be a little scary at first, but later my mind starts to feel free as i was one with the road and nothing else seems to matters at the moment! i wanna try it once more.

12.Have your portray taken : its a fact that i will never be as young as i am now,so i will always capture my youth as i have it now with a quality dslr.

13.Sing in public : Believe it or not, singing changes your brain.I am doubtful on this because i got a very bad throat , but alcohol will help surely.YaY

In the end turning 30 is a major achievement for sure and we should do watever it takes to do.So live healthy,wealthy and be wise.

I hope you all like my “13 things to do before i turn 30”