Be a Legacy-Changer!

As most educators do during the summer, we attend educational conferences, retreats, workshops, participate in Twitter chats, dedicate to a daily blog, and spend countless hours in teacher stores for the best materials.

We hit the ground running the first week of inservice, and then eagerly anticipate the first day of school. The sights, the familiar smells, the laughter, children and parents crying as they leave little ones for the first time, and the explosive excitement in fellow educators’ eyes as we greet our new students and imagine the impact that we can now have on their lives.

As an administrator my passion is ignited by knowing that I am in a position not only to influence the students at my campus, but to help teachers truly internalize that they can be a legacy-changer. We have the power to motivate, cultivate, inspire, and truly change the direction of their lives. I know that this may sound like a dream-filled exaggeration, but it is the truth.

With that being said, one of my goals this year is to not only have the legacy-changer mindset towards students, but towards parents as well. I know in our small community we have a high population of parents and guardians that can not read or write. So, just think…if our school could begin a literacy program for parents — it could literally change the course of their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren for generations to come.

It is time to not only change lives, but to be a legacy-changer!

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